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Description AVR based kit for building your own LED matrix
Has website
Persons working on Tunix
Tags AVR, LED, Microcontroller, DIY-Display, C, Borgware-2D
Located at assembly Das Labor
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The Borg16 is a small controller board for monochrome LED displays, supporting up to 16×16 LEDs. It also features a connector for classic Atari style joysticks. It is aimed at novice electronic hobbyists interested in microcontrollers (especially AVR ATmega32/644P). Firmware is provided via Borgware-2D [1] which already contains a few animations and games. Two Borg16 devices are on view at the Chaos West area in hall 4.

Unfortunately, documentation is mostly in German. In case that's a hindrance and you require English documentation, just leave us a note and we'll see what we can do.

If you want to support us, you can buy professionally made blank PCBs or a kit with most required components, excluding the LEDs and their corresponding series resistors (since it is entirely up to you which color and size the LEDs should have). The source drivers allow for currents up to 120mA on each column, so ultra-bright LEDs are no problem. Schematics and board layout (done in Eagle) can be retrieved from our subversion repository [2].

Blank PCBs cost about 15€, the kits 50€. Just ask someone at our assembly for exact prices.