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Description https://nsupdate.info dyndns2 service & free software
Slides https://nsupdate.info/tmp/nsupdate_and_bepasty.pdf
Website(s) https://nsupdate.info/
Tags foss, dns, ipv6, ipv4, tls, django, python, software, service
Person organizing Tw
Contact: twaldmann@thinkmo.de
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 3


nsupdate.info is a dynamic dns service.

You usually need it so your router (or other dyndns2-compatible client) can update a hostname, so you don't need to know or find out your current IP address.

nsupdate.info is simple, usable, free, friendly, secure and respects your privacy.

Talk has news about how we support IPv6, issues with dyndns2 clients and how we try to be secure and privacy-friendly.