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Description LettuceOnMars is a student team from the Southampton Spaceflight Society (SUSF), planning to grow lettuce on Mars. The students team from Southampton passed a technical review round and might get a spot on the 2018 lander. There are also nine other interesting university projects, all competing to send a payload to Mars. The final decision is up to the public.
Slides www.lettuceonmars.com
Website(s) www.lettuceonmars.com
Tags space, mars
Person organizing Lilafisch
Contact: lilafisch@xtort.eu
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 2


2014 has been an exciting year, full of Space related news. For the first time university students might send a payload to a different planet as part of the 2018 Mars One lander, they are competing for the spot until the 31st of December. The ten finalists all passed the feasibility review and now have to win a popularity contest - everyone on Earth can vote over social networks or by newsletter subscription. This will be a short intro to one of the competing teams, LettuceOnMars from Southampton. They are members of the Spaceflight Society, that regulary launches high altitude balloons in cooperation with schools and has several other projects in cooperation with the University of Southampton. Lettuce on Mars plan to send lettuce seeds to Mars, so we all can watch the first complex life on Mars, using CO2 from the atmosphere and sunlight to provide omptimum conditions in their greenhouse. If you want to see lettuce on Mars, you can support them by voting.