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Description Basic overview of activities and achievements of Food Hacking Base in 2014 and presentation of our plans for 2015 including CCC camp.
Tags food hacking base, food hacking, community, hacker community, food lab
Person organizing Algoldor
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 2
Desired timeframe middle


Food Hack with FHB!

I'll be presenting the development of the Food Hacking Base project in the year 2014, it's achievements, downsides well summary of what was going on. I'll give a basic "fahrplan" for 2015 including the CCC camp but not only that.

It is important to realize what is the current stage in the field of food, drink and bio activities and communities within the hacker movement. Slowly but steadily the foods&drinks events are becoming more popular why still run in the hackerspaces. People are generally starting with less "hi tech" setups evolving however in many cases into the projects which are very innovative. It's is important to realize that these foundations which are accessible to basically anyone quite easily from cooking classes, to barbecuing, brewing groups etc. are crucial for continuing growth and development towards the "VIP" projects where collaboration of many specialist often from variety of hackerspaces can happen, establishing Food Labs etc. which are still closely related to the hackerspaces where they originated. The situation in bio hacking is bit different, further forking from the hackerspaces into specialized independent places is still continuing, many times the people involved are rather coming from the academic sphere and they do not have any previous experience with hacker movement.

The CCC summer camp in 2015 will be very special event where FHB will be definitely present promoting it's principles and making the facts on the ground happen.