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Hallo, ich würde dieser Assembly gerne beitreten. Werde am 25./26. mit Zug aus München anreisen und würde daher lieber einen 3d Scanner als einen Drucker transportieren... Kann ich sonst irgendwie helfen?

Sehr gern :)

Wir freuen uns!

So wie es aussieht bist du der erste, die meisten ( soweit ich weiß) kommen erst am 26ten. Mach dich dann schon einfach dort breit.

Wir haben us letzte Jahr vor Ort spontan zusammen gerauft, wird diese Jahr bestimmt ähnlich. Am besten du schreibst mit ne kurze Mail und wir nehmen dich mit in die Kommunikation auf.

Hier das letzte Fazit: hy all!

i hope nobody feels offended, but i wanted to give the orga team some time to plan with the space we need (16 seats = 8 Tables?), so i went ahead and did insert some more information into the assembly, and added myself as an contact too (Hope this is fine). till now it is only the same text as last year, but maybe someone can add/edit it to make it better.

please go ahead:

my wishlist for this year:

-have a bigger/cooler sign -have a bit more time to do other stuff than handling the flood of questions. -have a real live FAQ thing, like "What is PLA/ABS,Basic Costs, Time, Slicer..." as a sign or board or something? -have someting like a printer queue ? (Obelix is working on it)

looking forward to!

PS: i will arrive 26th evening and leave 31st midday.


WilstonOreo should talk to the orga about the power requirements and access to the loading area as well as timing in setup and teardown (moving through the hackcenter) to bring that monstrosity. --MarcusWolschon (talk) 19:05, 8 December 2014 (CET)

jan added planning comment in assembly page:

We might a little more space and some power  (biggest source: 1000-1500W/h  (3000 peak) plus around 6000 others)

There is a HUGE 3d printer also planned: 150x150x150cm, and i also added 3 more seats for the project is growing in size. Scan station also might need like 2-4 square meters free space (at least when scanning a person)


I have a 3D Systems Sense 3D scanner but my laptop has no CUDA (desktop is too big to bring). Anyone with a CUDA capable laptop and a Skanect license? --MarcusWolschon (talk) 19:54, 8 December 2014 (CET)