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What should one imagine under the word "project" here? From our point of view they are activities which will be evolving around some certain topic during the 31c3 event (and likely before and after). It wouldn't be therefore just one workshop or talk, but may include both, plus if you like meetings, wild experimenting, presentations etc. It should be community activity rather than just one "lonely rider", on the other hand project coordinator is likely to put lots of energy in and be accessible as much as possible to coordinate. If you have something "bigger" on your mind please get in touch on our discuss and check out who else maybe into it so we can coordinate getting the equipment, ingredients, cash etc. Don't forget bringing projects to the assembly is absolutely cool even if you are based in another group, we are aiming to be as opened as possible (and still functional).

Below is the list of projects which are going to be happening for sure.

List of the project

Experimental Incubator - designing and prototyping an open source incubator

Culture exchange

Name/nick Will contribute Would like to get
Algoldor nattō culture ginger beer plant
Eunha nuruk culture surprise me?
Algoldor Kombucha cosmopolita culture (+-500 g) water kefir culture
Algoldor kefir culture (+-100 g=15-20 grains) renet and molds for cheese making
Your nick Culture shared if any Culture desired if any