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The budget is now being "drawn" please participate as much as possible, so it is sound and realistic. At the moment based on previous events we should think about spendings around €1500-2000 before and during the event as minimal ones. However due to the new projects, keeping the old ones (which were mostly hit) and involvement of new groups the spendings will increase likely to €2000-3000. As before, ending in plus numbers is the goal, the amount has to be discussed. We have over €300 on my (Algoldor) Paypal account which has been frozen since February due to the last successful campaign, we may not be able to access it for the event, I will try to provide these funds from my personal "accessible" cash, but I can not say for sure yet if I can do it, my sincere apologies here.

Here is a draft of the budget so we have what to discuss.

Budgeting for the event

Budget title (€) Amount of cash aimed for (€) Received (€) Still to get (€)
Start up budget 800-1000 300 500-700
Operational Budget 2500 0 2500
Surplus donations 1000 0 1000
TOTAL 3500 300 3200

Start up Budget We need to cover what we spend, that is the way how we do it. So we have over 300 EU from the previous event to start with lets call it cash in hand. The funds which we should have few weeks before the event could be called start up budget, I would suggest at least €800, €1000 would be better, we have €300 so another €500 to go minimum. This budget should be covered by combination of personal donations and crowdsourcing campaign.

Operational Budget Funds which we need to make this event happen from the start to the end I would call operational budget. They include our investments before the event, during the event and after the event so all is concluded properly (getting our equipment to the final destinations of "rest", garbage disposal etc.). Lets talk about €2500 of operational budget to start the discussion somewhere. With €800-1000 of starting budget, we need another €1500-1700 to get preferably before the event, but most likely half of that or so will be collected during the event by direct donations and crowdsourcing campaign.

Surplus Donations At the end of the event, we should end up with some cash in our hand = surplus donations, how much we will aim for is up to us, €500-1000 would be a standard, however this time I would like to promote a special goal which would ask for more but we will see about it. I working on establishing a Food Hacking Base/Experimental Fermentation Facility combined with Hacker Residency here in Jeju Island, South Korea having many of the resources and things set up already but more is needed. We will talk about it and see.

Donations and expenses" during the event We will be monitoring again our spending before, during and after the event, this time more precisely most likely sharing that as a Google doc or under another system. Dedicated person should be volunteering for this, preferably not any of the main coordinators because we have found in the last years that they are way to busy to keep the ball running on the deck.