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Website www.utopia.fm
Contact david@utopia.fm
Description Building Utopia is project to re-create the mythical island of Utopia in Minecraft and Ethereum. We will create a studio and run contract workshops to develop the social rules of Utopia (crypto currencies, democratic systems etc), and explore their vulnerabilities. We're inviting artists, groups and project to discuss themes and ideas to be turned into requirements of features to be built into the game. In particular we are looking to explore the themes of privacy,and decentralisation.
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Tags utopia, ethereum, p2p, crypto, crypto anarchist
Registered on 26 November 2014 20:17:46
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes Ethereum contract workshops

Utopian Urbanity Dystopian contract workshop Spoken work and live performance

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Orga contact david@utopia.fm
Brings Projectors, screens, live-streaming studio, minecraft server, laptops, cameras.
Seats needed 6
Extra seats 30
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
Planning notes The overall theme is "decentralisation", and the assembly would be open to any projects, groups or individuals interested in presenting their work in this area. We would seek to engage people before hand and at the event, and bring them to the Assembly to interview them, live streaming these interviews, and adding them to an open archive of interviews that we will make available of www.utopia.fm which we would launch at the congress.

We are filming a documentary on decentralisation and the progress of various projects built around new distributed (blockchain based ) technologies, and would seek to film these interviews at broadcast quality, and where permission is given include these scenes in the documentary.

We are looking to work closely with the Ethereum team on this, and aim to focus on what we can build with these technologies, to do workshops that allow people to get directly involved in coding contracts for alternative social systems "the utopia construction kit" - which would include currency systems, but also democratic and resource based laws for the simulated society we will prototype.

We would also seek to explore security, privacy and possible exploits with regard to any of the laws proposed, and run these sessions under the title "dystopian contract workshops". utopia is open source and free culture licensed (naturally), and we expect and encourage other groups to fork the server, and implement entirely different systems.

This game prototype would be introduced and launched at the congress, and then go on to be refined at Global Game Jam 2016 at the end of January with the goal of being published with a live performance in December 2015. This is the 500th anniversary of the publication of this seminal work, and because of the combination of technological, privacy and political themes involved we feel it would be a great theme for the 2015 congress.


To celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the publication of Utopia, and to accompany the exhibition of the original manuscripts by the Museum of Leuven, we are seeking to curate the publication of a series of live online performances, to take part in three dimensional world of Minecraft.

In this project we will reconstruct the mythical island of utopia, through a participatory design process working with schools, communities and experts from around the world.

These workshops will take place over a 6 month period, and will be documented in video to create an ongoing open culture archive. This archive will be used to inform both the final performance, and the design of the open source software created by the project.

Borrowing from the methods developed by the Occupy movement, by architects and the “legislative theatre” of Augusto Boal we will design and build not only the physical representation of utopia in Minecraft, but also the economic, social and political rules of the society.

This “legislation” will be recorded with the poplus.org software used by real parliaments around the world, and then encoded as cryptographic digital contracts, that utilise a serverless p2p architecture facilitated by the radical and highly controversial etheruem.org project.

The culmination of the project is a 72 hour live performance in which the community will build utopia block-by-block in Minecraft, accompanied by live spoken word pieces curated from a global community. The build will be filmed using high definition time-lapse cinematography, streamed and remixed live on www.utopia.fm.

Utopia is a unique work of art, in which community, spoken word, and software build to create a live performance, a multiplayer game, and a radical legal form, that captures the fears and aspirations of its participants, encoded on the block chain and owned by (no one and) everyone.