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Website www.schrutzki.net
Contact Reinhard Schrutzki

Eißendorfer Str. 42+2^0 21073 Humbug


Description Funny. It just seems I don't fit into the rules of chaos anymore.

I just need a desk, a chair, maybe, to showcase my kind of art and beauty, made with a/one/several computers. I do unreasonally large renders of 3d artworks, I do (not so) subtly humourous hardware hacks like the 600 sqaremillimeters troll keypad featuring just the caps locks key, I did the anagrammed public transport plan for Hamburg and I do strange clocks and lightstrips. Besides that, funny enough, there still are at least 3 machines out there that respond to $$#. After all these years :-)

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Tags art, kunst
Registered on 17 November 2014 20:49:40
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Orga contact reinhard@schrutzki.net
Brings at this point into the form, it is simply pissing me off a lot. Whatever happened to the

simple 'bring your stuff' approach of yesteryear

I will bring an undisclosed amount of computers, some lightstripes, several hardware items, a cube with quotation marks... among them a clock in a wooden case that displays the time left to midnight UTC on 80's 7.segment LEDs.

And the spare print of the 180x120 manic mood portrait from last year.

Seats needed 1
Extra seats 1
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes Well, it seems, I no longer fit in at all. Silly. Last year, I joined the CCHH Assembly,

which was not quite appropriate, had to hug Steffen. So maybe it's best to start over with a one man assembly.


This form is pretty stupid. Detailed description for the assembly: I will assemble there, let's just see who else will :-)