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Website https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/queerfeministgeeks
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IRC: #QueerFeministGeeks @ Freenode

Description A home for all queer&feminist geeks !
Members Bhei, C3o, Chris23, Danohu, Gglnx, Herr flupke, Lenaschimmel, Lordminx, Maltman23, Maya, Natanji, Paxxa, Polexa, Quir x, Rubin110, Saint, Stefan, Theresa
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Self-organized Sessions Queer Feminist Geek Gathering
Registered on 28 September 2014 19:34:55
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes Hacking of society to be planned!
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Location ,
Orga contact spam@2904.cc
Brings maybe: mattresses \o/

so a comfy-corner would be nice. Flauscheria, anyone?

Seats needed 15
Extra seats 5
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes "member seets needed" is subject to change.

a comfy-corner would be nice. space for mattresses. next to Kinky Geeks ! and Flauscheria?


Location: next to NOC

This assembly is home to all queer|feminist people attending 31c3 to find each other & hang out. If there are enough of us, it should be easy to make this assembly possible & wonderful. So please join and help to realize this! :) This assembly is meant to be a space of non-oppression, non-hierarchy, and non-discrimination. Please be kind to each other.

We are a few queer/feminist/intersectionnal people who want to meet each other, feel safe, and make friends. This will possibly be the place with the most interesting hairstyles in the whole congress (or we hope so, at least). You can bring yourself, drinks, food, or anything you like. We will discuss about what it's like to identify as queer in tech, as a feminist, as an intersectional person concerned with oppression in a predominantly white-male-heterosexual context.

Maybe it's nicer to ask people what's their preferred pronoun if you're not sure. "Are you a boy or a girl" is not an accepted question.

HINT: This is a wiki, so you can edit this, ya know? :)


Queer Feminist Geeks Gathering on Day 1 from 15:00 to 17:00 in Hall 13 (and maybe 14, too)



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What to Bring


  • (plan Queer|Feminist village at the camp 2015?)