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Contact Call q3k @4735, or drop by our IRC channel (#hackerspace-pl-31c3 @freenode)
Description Hackers from the Polish Hacker communities (mostly the Warsaw Hackerspace)
Members Alxd, Arachnist, Cz2, D, Dfgg, Dj-spock, Emeryth, Implr, Krcz, Lb5tr, Mantis, Q3k, Rysiek, Trasz, Viroos
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Tags hackerspace, diy, linux, hardware, neuroscience, electronics, brain implant
Registered on 28 October 2014 20:07:22
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Orga contact
Brings General hardware hacking tools, including a couple of things that require table space (soldering irons, 'scope, etc)
Seats needed 20
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter., 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes We'd like to form a mega-assembly with the Dragon Sector assembly - so we should be preferably right next to each other, we can even share tables.

We'll bring a DIY Laser Projector (hi! we were the ones with the shitty green one last year), so this means two things:

- We need a wall to project on! We will make the projector be on a certain height for safety, as last year.
- We have a Laser Projector challenge to settle with the guys (mostly marcan) from Fail0verflow from last years. So we should be within shouting distance from each other and be able to project on the same wall

Another thing is, we (that is me, q3k) would like to bring 10GbE network equipment - maybe a small (quiet) server or so. Is there a way to pull a 10GbE line from your backbone to our table? We can provide 50/125 fiber of arbitrary length (just tell us) and generic SR SFP+ modules.


An assembly of the Warsaw Hackerspace and other various polish-speaking hackerspaces, friends, spouses, lovers. Drop by for a chat, to hack at stuff with us or just drink some beers together.

We'll have hardware hacking, software hacking, CTF stuff, laser projectors, polish wodka, LED strips...