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Description The future is offline! An assembly all about offline networks.

Everyone interested in the growing offline networks community is welcome!

Basic concepts:

  1. Community developed and running networks which enable citizens to gain benefits from networked infrastructures, while maintaining control of their data and how it is used.
  2. Community networks do not need to be connected to the wider internet (hence "off-nets"), however they may have connection hubs with the internet. Off-nets may be complementary to the internet, as well as an alternative.
  3. off-nets and the internet are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and can work together to offer more robust benefits to its participants.
  4. (A poetic approach): in particle physics, the "observer effect" is when an electron, whilst under observation, alters its course due to the fact that it is being observed. in contemporary society, people might alter their habits due to the idea that they coud be observed. What if there were islands within the monitored, fungible, and quantified world that permitted human to interact with each other unobserved, albeit digitally? What sort of unexpected reactions would that cause?
  5. One of the central characteristics of offline networks is that they are offline. We can‘t possibly anticipate all the reasons why people or groups would need to operate offline. Therefore it would be important to design applications that can be appropriated, adapted and used as "infrastructure".
  6. Keywords: #diversity #serendipity #intimacy #temporality #place

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Members Andreas.Unteidig, Aramba, Becha, Panayotis, RSRG
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Tags offline, network, hardware hacking, privacy, p2p, wireless, usability, customization, art, raspberrypi, meshnet
Registered on 27 November 2014 11:54:28
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes - subnodes workshop, making your own wireless access point and mesh node with a raspberry pi

- offline networks logo/ icon session - offline networks manifesto brainstorming - router hacking - mesh networks

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Brings - workshop table to make cell blocking phone pouches like last year

- 0101 IDEAL hard drive crusher (size of a small fridge) - lots of routers - lots of Raspberry Pis

Seats needed 12
Extra seats 12
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
Planning notes


Here is a list of possible collective activities:

- a competition for the universal sign of offline wireless (we could make available papers with the standard WiFi sign printed on them for people to "add" something that would transform it to "offline").

- collection of ideas for different objections, logos, and functionalities for applications depending on context. Perhaps try out some of them in the city.

- implementation of a simple "administrator panel" for choosing the SSID, the basic functionality, etc. with some basic "templates" to choose from (a la wordpress)

- hardware hacking: it would be great if we could add to these boxes a light or sound source that would react to the current activity or even allow people to generate alarms either visually or with sound.

- tutorials, experiences from real-life deployments, challenges

-Creating public/community activities centred around creative uses of offline wireless applications