Nordige Nerds

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Contact msquare
Description We are some mixed nordish (which means around Bremen) hackers, maintaining the engelsystem and doing different software projects.
Members Allspark, Anneke, Chrische, Gesche, Inge, Kritter, L3akage, Mieke, Morpheus, Mortzu, Msquare, Raven, Snow-Wolf, Terger, Th, Turncoat
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions Keysigning Party
Tags bremen, aurich, engelsystem, beer, cacert
Registered on 22 October 2014 08:44:24
Location for self-organized sessions no
Other assemblies by tags...
Location ,
Orga contact
Seats needed 17
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes We would like to have the same place as last year (we were the MW assembly). Since we are maintaining the engelsystem a calm location nearby heaven would be awesome for short emergency response times.