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Contact Marie Walrafen (mw at laquadrature net), Jérémie Zimmermann (jz at, Benjamin Sonntag (bs at
Description La Quadra'teahouse is a warm space to chill out, drink and share tea, ideas and time. As we take our shoes off to enter this space, we hope to leave our armors of stress and anxieties outside of this harbor... Initiated by La Quadrature du Net, it shall receive participation and contributions by the fine people of Tactical Tech and many others! Come and join us for goodol' analogue cozyness! <3
Members Benjamin, Grrr, Houndbee, Jerezim, MeTA, Samthetechie
Projects Caliopen
Self-organized Sessions Neurofeedback Mind-Hacking, Privacy & Communication Tools in a surveilled world
Tags datalove, relaxing, teahouse, laquadraturedunet, crypto, privacy, massages, tea, cafeine, music, workshops, freedomfighting, jamming, netneutrality, <3
Registered on 6 December 2014 12:23:08
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes workshop (including self-care massages), music jams, and technopolitical discussions, along with our attempt to have warm tea flowing as much as possible <3
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Brings Check inventory and things that can be contributed here:

Bring stuff made with love (booze, chocolate, dried fruits) and your lovely self! <3

Seats needed 0
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes Space we occupied last year will do fine :)


This is the next iteration on the village we put up at Ohm2013 and 30c3, where "La Quadrature du Ohm" was built as an infrastructure for relaxed cozyness as well as the sharing of thoughts, tea and good vibrations. La Quadrature du Ohm became indeed the perfect space to invent projects and things, to connect people, projects and communities, and to strategize the building of our sad world through a free, open and decentralized used of technology.

This will be a relaxing area for everyone, with a tea house and (meta-)datalove, where all Hackers will be welcome to relax, discuss and strategize. Let's take back control of technology, rebuild our communication infrastructure, fix Network Neutrality, Freedom of communication, etc. around a nice cup of tea!

Quadra'Tea House

Delicious tea will flow (hopefully) all day and all night long, for free, for everyone to share in a cozy space. Tea and its ritual enable warm relaxation, clearing the mind for strategic thinking, project planning, and enjoying being together. What better setup for rethinking the techno-political interactions of our times? ;)

This analog "hack" of a hacker congress will enable everyone to discover a bit of the vast tea culture (hacking plants for thousands of year!), also by becoming a "tea-master" and enabling everyone around the table to enjoy the tea flow.

Among the delicious leaves will be:

  • Chinese Green tea (Lung Jing - Dragon's Pit)
  • Chinese Black tea (Yunnan)
  • Indian Black tea (Assam)
  • Fermented Chinese black tea (Pu Er)
  • Blue tea (Oolong - Tie Guan Yin)
  • Smoked black tea (Tarry Souchong, and a half-smoked white tips)
  • Yerba Mate
  • An amazing Chinese fermented green tea
  • A splendid, rare Japanese green tea
  • A few leaves of a pan-yong...

Also some non-cafeinated, herbal teas will probably be available (no more Jiao Gu Lan :/ ), contributions needed! (see below)

Hacking (with) Care

The Tea House is part of the project "Hacking (with) Care" first started as a collaboration between masseuse Emily King, Jérémie Zimmermann and french NGO defending freedoms online La Quadrature du Net, and artists Anne Goldenberg and JBB at OHM 2013 in the Netherlands.

You may have met some of us before: at OHM, 30C3, LOOP, the Logan-CIJ Symposium. You might meet us again in the summer ;)

This year at 31C3, you can learn a self-care body routine from our video tutorial, massage each other, enjoy heart-warming, mind-sharpening cups of tea, and share thoughts on what could “hacking with care” mean and be for you... All at La Quadra'TeaHouse.

Please contribute!

You can become a tea-master and help keep the tea flowing! You can also contribute with elements of deco/light and/or with delicious tea or other stuff made with love!

We badly need HERBAL, NON-CAFFEINATED tea! We are out of our delicious "Jiao Gu Lan" :/ Please favour local herbs/plants/flowers found in herborist or markets. We use loose tea rather than teabags.

planned workshops and sessions

To be determined soon : Massages, self-massages, brainwave hacking, "the right to be forgotten" and much more! <3


  • Privacy & Communication Tools in a surveilled world Mon December 29, 15:00-17:00

Oh, and did we mention Datalove? <3 <3 <3