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Contact Please contact join the mailing list at
Description Open assembly to organize a place for kids and parents.
Members Entropynil, Fightling, Joshua, Kupla, Simonox, Yako42
Projects Siebdruck
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags kids, children
Registered on 14 October 2014 07:03:07
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Extra seats 10
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes



For the second time parents and interested people organize themselves in this assembly to create and manage the Kidspace. The goal is to give kids (<=12 years) and their parents a space where they can follow their special needs ;) Which means playing, doing workshops, having some calm space to chill out with their kids and just be parents and kids.

Here is the rocket from last year. I think we will reuse this within the new design of the 31c3 when it has been finished: [SVG file of the rocket]



Name attendant remarks
fightling 20.12. - 31.12. -
neal 27.12. - 29.12. -
kupla 26.12. - 30.12. -
entropynil 27.12. - 30.12. -

Handicraft Corner

Some papercraft for the Kids, some scissors and glue. We have some IKEA tables for the smaller kids:

Papercraft for download

We will print out papercraft on demand at Heaven.

[Papercraft-Robots-002.htm], [robots-mecha-papercraft], [50-free-papercraft-robot-downloads-0116473], [grumm]

TODO Buy thick paper which fits into the printer in Heaven, get glue, paper and scissors

Build and place camera dummies


Use an existing SVG to laser cardboards that can be build into a camera dummy and placed by the kids everywhere at the congress.


Radio Drama Project

At daytime kids can play audio books and hear them in the radio drama corner.


Last congress the Audiobox was a wooden box where the kids can plug an USB stick to play audio books. Quite simple so it can be used by the youngest children too.

Within a box was a linux/Mini ITX machine which automatically copies all audio from any inserted stick and plays it until someone else inserts a another one.

The box changes it's behavior in relation to the kids' badges from time to time and is hackable for the kids.

Downloadable audio:

TODO The Audiobox was branded to 30c3 and needs a rebrand or rebuild

TODO The electronics have to be rebuild (some parts were borrowed)

TODO Select some new audio books for kids

Ball Bath for Kids

A second ball bath for the kids with the balls from last year.

TODO Reserve some "Bütec" at orga

TODO Get some decoration stuff

Retro Video Game(s)

Some game machines will be near the playground.

TODO More interesting video games with a touch of style and reasonable for children.

TODO Ask people of [[1]].

Sound Pong

Control the paddles of Pong with your voice at the microphone. A retro game from 1981 "Telespiele"

Pong.jpg Pong2.jpg

Button Panel

Just a large wooden, painted panel full of different knobs and lights for the smallest kids to explore.

Last year this was a rather small transparent box. This year it would be nice to build something larger.

TODO We are searching any kind of unused buttons, knobs, joysticks, lights, interesting (old) panels!!

Pillow Cluster

A cluster of pillows where the kids can sleep.

TODO Get some of last years big cushions

TODO Build a calm tent with some mattresses and cushions inside

Cave Building

TODO Some stuff to build caves.

Cloth Swing

A swing particularly for infants and toddlers.


Balancing on a webbing.


Pixln is an interactive installation with pairs of a camera and a monitor each. A camera/monitor combination basically acts like a mirror. Some of the screens will be pixelised by the use of paper tubes and transparent paper.

The installation will be bigger this year. (Fightling promises it.)

I also plan to give a lighning talk and provide a pixelgrid makers corner, so that kids can build their own grids.

TODO Get a huge display; make loads of wire mesh grids for the makers corner; make slides for the talk.

AR Sandbox


An augmented reality sand box like this one:

AR Sandbox

We can use some help before 26th of December to build the wooden box at the CCH.

Please contact fightling if you would like to help.


Please use the Self-Organized Sessions to browse and create workshops at the Kidspace.

Silk Screen Printing (5+)

Two silk screen printing machines to do some stencil printing. Children age 5+ can print their own t-shirts or other light colored clothes. Please do not forget to have some with you.

2D printing with beads (5+)

Nine bead pegboards in different shapes and 36000 beads in different colors will be available. Children age 5+ can create their own 2D printings. Beads get fixated with an iron by an adult. To share the costs we will take 50 cent per pegboard design.

Pixln Workshop

Workshop about building a Pixln installation.

Raspberry Robots

We draw a line and let the Pi2Go robots find it by its own.

Drawing.jpg IMAG1453.jpg

VIDEO Pi2Go follows the line

Other Action

Kid's Badge

There will be no Kidspace badge this year :(

Photos of the location

P1200407.JPG P1200408.JPG P1200409.JPG P1200410.JPG P1200411.JPG P1200412.JPG

Link list on Childcare

  1. Jobportal der Hamburger Hochschulen
  2. JobWiese
  3. Arbeitsamt
  4. Notmütterdienst
  5. Hamburger Tagespflegepersonen
  6. ElternService der AWO in Hamburg
  7. pme Familienservice GmbH
  8. Hamburger Tagesmütter und -väter e.V. Hamburg