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Website http://ms.stubnitz.com
Contact ijon@c-base.org DECT 4456
Description Big Ship in the Harbour. There will be Tours and there is a lot of space for spontaneous sessions.
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Subassembly of Hackertours
Tags stubnitz, hackertours, hackerspace, ship, reefer, gdr, harbour, hackship
Registered on 23 December 2014 08:58:51
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Orga contact ijon@c-base.org
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MS Stubnitz

Images of Stubnitz by night on its mooring in Hamburg

Images of Stubnitz underway on the northsea with Destination Hamburg

Website of the MS Stubnitz

Google-Maps-Link of Stubnitz current mooring spot in Hamburg

Since 30c3, Stubnitz has been in Drydock. There are Photos and a c-base-blogpost about this activity.

Time schedule during Congress

What happends on Stubnitz during Congress?

Make a reservation at http://hackertours.de/ The Tours are free, but due to the fact that Stubnitz is financed entirely through Entry-Fees, Drinks sold at the Bar and Donations (and this since 20years!), Donations are highly appreciated More then 15 people will be difficult per Tour. Doing two tours directly after each other is possible, if enough people (more then 20) show up.
Date Time Whats going on Gangway policy
Saturday 27th (Day1) 10:30 pm (22:30) Tour through the Ship Open Gangway
Sunday 28th (Day2) 11:30 am (11:30) Tour through the Ship Open Gangway
Monday 29th (Day3) 11:00 am (11:00) Tour through the Ship Open Gangway
Tuesday 30th (Day4) 11:30 am (11:30) Tour through the Ship Open Gangway
Tuesday 30th (Day4) 22:30 pm (22:30) Tour through the Ship Open Gangway