HaSi Siegen

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Website http://hasi.it/
Contact lars@chaostreff-siegen.de
Description Lagomorph Entities from the Dark Mines of Siegerland
Members Danb, Inj4n, Luxick, MartiniMoe, Mixmax, Monographic, Oli, Plastikpizza, Seth, Shguro, Simon, Smeik, Vallinger, Z11
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Subassembly of Chaos West
Related to assembly RaumZeitLabor
Tags siegen, hackerspace
Registered on 11 November 2014 19:14:52
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes Limlug: Viel Feuer, Viel Heiß, Dinge Schmelzen
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Location ,
Orga contact lars@chaostreff-siegen.de
Brings Oli: Lasercutter, 3D Printer,

Nomis: Blinkinvader, Leuchtefoo, Nomis: LED-Würfel (2x2x2m, 8x8x8 LEDs) Lars: Laborkittel DanB: LED Matrix

Seats needed 8
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
Planning notes Wir sind Teil der Chaos-West assembly.



HaSi Planning Place


  • Blinkinvader
  • 3d Printer (fablab Siegen)
  • Laser Cutter (fablab Siegen)
  • LED Qube
  • Phone Home Box