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Description Studierendeninitiative an der Fakultät IV "Informatik und Elektrotechnik" der TU Berlin
Members Fahrstuhl, Hackbeard, Iotka, Juli, Max, Nico, Precompiled, Rc376silva, Sistason, Sping, TobiMi, Traeumer, Vahrheit, Yonas
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to assembly AiF
Registered on 24 November 2014 21:01:34
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Location ,
Orga contact
Seats needed 12
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
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Who's there?

name tel comment
Nico 4000 (DECT) first!1!!11
Vahrheit 6448 (DECT)
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