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Website https://projectmeshnet.org/
Description Encrypting the Internet, one peer at a time
Members Cjd, Dangole, Herr flupke, Igel, Larsg, Longneck
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to assembly Freifunk
Tags cjdns, crypto anarchist, cypher punk, meshnet
Registered on 23 October 2014 10:12:52
Location for self-organized sessions no
Other assemblies by tags...
Location ,
Orga contact longneck@scratchbook.ch
Seats needed 10
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes Close to Freifunk please

Old and busted: Please position us next to the (not yet registered) CCC-CH / Swiss CCC assembly.


Our objective is to create a versatile, decentralized network built on secure protocols for routing traffic over private mesh or public internetworks independent of a central supporting infrastructure.