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Website https://c-base.org
Contact 31c3@c-base.org
Description c-base - The Spacestation Under Berlin Mitte
Members Andrenarchy, Authmillenon, Bronsen, C atc, Cketti, Coon, E-punc, Grmpf, Hadez, Ijon, JeZc, Johl, Lacce, Ligi, Macro, MeTA, Ralf, Riot, Samthetechie, Schliessnase, Silbo, Smile, SpooXe, Svn, T3c0, Wiiilmaa, Woodworker, XenGi, Yetzt, Yncyrydybyl, Zeltophil
Projects Floppy Orgel, GobandroidTV, Hydra, PyMLGame, RoboKoding
Self-organized Sessions Lets play spaceteam, Maritime Opensource Hacking, Neurofeedback Mind-Hacking
Tags spacestation, social, art, diy, future, hackerspace, berlin, science
Registered on 29 September 2014 12:05:05
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes It is complicated - and being planned.
Other assemblies by tags...
Location ,
Orga contact 31c3@c-base.org
Brings Siri, Matelight, ... (still being discussed - a lot ;)
Seats needed 20
Extra seats 20
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice., 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes Last I heard from our orga was to spread c-base a bit around congress but still have a central meetup point. May not be accurate anymore. We'll keep this page updated. 31c3 planning mailing list: https://c-mail.c-base.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/31c3


c-base at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress

Details will follow.

Raumplanung Saal 4 Saal 4 Planung

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featuring: NeuroVillage-MindHackerLounge