Description The internet is asking for a law to be saved, how could it be and what went wrong?

This Workshop is in addition to the general Net Neutrality session. Here we take a critical look at laws and regulations that try to tackle the problem of net neutrality around the world. We look at different approaches regulating the internet, loopholes in the various texts and consequences around the world.

Type Workshop
Keyword(s) political
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Person organizing Socialhack
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Subtitle regulate the internet?
Starts at 2013/12/30 04:00:00 PM
Ends at 2013/12/30 05:00:00 PM
Duration 60 minutes
Location NoisySquare

This workshop is connected to the efforts of La Quadratur du Net and the Net Neutrality Coalition to create a model law on net neutrality. The issue of regulating the internet has many facets and needs critical reflection. But no regulation means the forces of the marked define the rules of play and terms of access.

Taking place on 30 December at 16.00 @ Hall D

We want to learn from the mistakes of others. Mostly the discussion will be based on the legal texts, but all input from the actual situation within the networks, in the countries economies or on the consumer side is very welcome.

Also check out the general net neutrality Workshop about the current situation in Europe!

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