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Description The Geheimorganisation is a secret organization of secret conspiracy.
Members Barnslig, Felicius12, Feuerrot, Fritz, Luc, Nmeum42, Oleander, Pyropeter
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Registered on 21 October 2013 18:21:41
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes Provide File Server with 12 TB storage
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Brings professional sandwich maker (1kW), Banner, File server (200W), Low Power Network equipment, Laptops, Smartphones, Windows 2000, quiet professional audio equipment
Seats needed 16
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification
Planning notes We have special bandwith requirements:
  • 1 Gigabit bandwith inclusive end user switch for our visitors
  • 3+ Gigabit bandwith for our FTP server (Copper, we prefer LACP or some Linux-supported bonding modes)

We need this amount of bandwith because our FTP server has more capacity this year (AMD processor with 4 cores and 32 GB RAM for caching, 12+ TB HDD) and we want to locate it at our assembly to provide a file up/download spot.

Furthermore we will experiment with an Elasticsearch cluster for file search, and our indexer requires good uplink to congress network (external hosting is no option)

Logo Geheimorganisation
Logo Geheim-IX

This is the Assembly of the Geheimorganisation – a professional secret organization of secret conspiracy.


Coming soon to your switch! Watch for our ports!

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