Description We are a bunch of people who meet up every year at the congress to hack together.
Members Darkhawk, Gpoint, Iron, Ove, S0me0ne, TraXo, Weed
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Registered on 1 December 2013 22:10:27
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Brings - Laptops

- Servers - Quadrocopter(s) - Rift - Herbs

Seats needed 17
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes It would be nice if we could get some place in the near of the Colo since we are bringing some servers to the congress. We would also prefer a quieter place, not something directly on the passageways.

You're doing a great job each year, thank you for that! :)


Slush Recipes:

Mint Julep:

  • 7L Makers Mark Mint Julep
  • 1.5L Water
  • 1KG Refined Sugar


  • 3L Jose Cuervo Especial Silver
  • 6L Paloma Lemonade
  • 0.5KG Refined Sugar


  • 2L Ron Varadero Blanco 3 Años
  • 4L Club Mate
  • 0.75L Lime juice
  • 0.5KG Refined Sugar
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