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Generic Dating

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • Please see Tools
    • any Proxmark III to sell this year?? could use one again -- M93Hornet (talk)
    • Lockpicking set -- etu (talk)
    • I'd gladly pay you on thursday for a FPGA bitcoin miner rig today sir, w03 (talk)
    • Looking for wet- and hardware -> Shower and Couch...

fNX (talk)

    • Looking for GoodFET or someone who can flash a IM-ME

fNX (talk)

Hacker seeks Money

Kaufe 5 bis 10 BTC - Mononofu (talk) 12:06, 29 December 2012 (UTC)

HDD seeks Data

Project seeks Coder

  • since there are no node.js events/workshop, we (3 people) will form our own table. if you're also interested to fiddle with node or js in general, get in touch (via my user talk page). --178 (talk) 02:55, 28 December 2012 (UTC)

Coder seeks Project

  • Ruby, PHP, and C lover seeks project to spend the weekend with. Caffeine a must, NO CATS. twitter.com/willbradley
  • I have experience in IaaS Cloud Computing, Ruby, Rails, etc. and am looking for interesting projects or organizations. Commercial opportunities will not regarded as spam. g2d1@ymail.com --G2d1 (talk) 17:48, 29 December 2012 (UTC)

Need Weed

Weed would be awesome, 10-30 € - please Mail to four20@web.de or PM me User:four20

I would buy some weed too. If you can help me please send a mail to bambauser@gmail.com.

I need good stuff,if you're willing to sell please message me.

Need some weed too, call me. GSM 6668

Need some weed three, for ˜20eur would be perfect. MOC #9032

Did anybody actually have success? If yes and you're willing to share some in exchange for a beer or three please message me!

Yet another one seeking weed (for 20 bucks, if possible), mailto b283802e0426@557111213c7f.anonbox.net

Human Dating

Girl seeks Geek

Hey, are you the geek guy who I saw in that one talk? You're slim, tall, and short-haired, had glasses, you were wearing a 29c3 hoodie and drinking club mate. I find you really cute!

Boy seeks Girl

I am not an angel, but I do play one at 29c3. You are here, and so am I. Call me on my DECT at two-6-two-seven and we shall see what we shall see...

Message me datingg@tormail.org and I'll invite you to some drinks in the lounge. What happens afterwards depends on if the chemistry is good between us. Everything can, nothing must.

-- -- -- -- -- --

longhaired nerd seeks nerdette to be comfortable around. Preferrably from baden-wuerttenberg, shouldn't mind creative chaos and a preference for waking up beside each other is a plus. long term interest preferred.

long haired nerd (longhair29c3@hushmail.com)

Message me if you are looking for a shallow, not so much talking relationship during 29c3 osimac@hushmail.com

Single deutsch Mail locking for opposite to pair program, walk, knit, talk, x or even y. Just drop me a line to john30m@hush.com. Beware I'm probably not even half the hacker than lots of others here.

if you love theater and literature, I would like to meet you and talk about Brahms, Schubert and Bach.

Irish Seeks Cailín

Irish young fella seeks warm hearted cailín for whisky and kissing. buachaill29c3@gmail.com GSM 9017

Pope seeks disciples

Twitter me @pontifex_de, @pontifex_es or @pontifex_nl

Timelord seeks companion

The 12th doctor w/ his TARDIS. Fo0bar (talk)

Girl seeks Boy

Dancer of Brazilian zouk seeks another to dance with, on some of those 1h breaks. Lynoure (talk)


NEW: Queer Geeks Meeting

Boy seeks Boy

message me: justme29c3@gmx.com, on GR: justme29c3  :-)

23 yo for 26 or younger: 29c3-date @ GR

Girl seeks Girl

Pair seeks Girl

Pair seeks Boy

Evil Overlord seeks Minions

  • call 1111

Key seeks Lock

  • call 9287

Asexual seeks Asexual

PM btwotch

PM me too mixi

Non Human Dating

Robot seeks Robot

Robot seeks Spareparts to gain Worldorder

Interhumanichanical Dating

Geek seeks Robot

Robot seeks Geek

Horny Electron seeks Quantumsex

(as seen on Googlequiz on Day 1)