A cheap and versatile Spartan-6 Evaluation Board.
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I will present this Evaluation Board during a lightning talk on day 2. There will be no assembly at the congress, due to the fact that this project is "a one man show" right now.


What is FPGA68k?

FPGA68k is a small, cheap and versatile platform to develop FPGA-Designs for Spartan-6.

It features a lot of easy to use interfaces onboard, like 12-Bit VGA, Two Serial Ports (RS232 and USB), a Joystick Connector and an Extension Header for your own extensions, if you want to write designs for more complex interfaces, like an ethernet connection.

Optional devices that can be mounted are a static RAM and a 68000-CPU. The RAM can be read and written by the FPGA and the CPU would be able to execute programs stored in the RAM Device and use the FPGA as an I/O-Interface. It is also possible to mount the RAM Device only as an external memory expansion.

This is a non commercial project! The Evaluation Board can be built at home, if your soldering skills are not too bad. You shoud have done soldering of Fine Pitch SMD before. All relevant data (Schematic, Layout) will be on the website, as well as demo ("Hello World")-Designs.


Currently I am testing the various interfaces. VGA, Serial Ports, Displays and Switches are working properly. I have not had time to test the RAM and the external CPU yet.

There will be a website being set up during the next few weeks (or months), when everything is working well. Up to now, I have no idea, how the website should look like.

Maybe you can help with your proposal. Your help would be very much appreciated.


You can contact me for any reason regarding this project. My email adress is "thomas /at/ fpga68k /dot/ de".

During the congress I can be reached via DECT, extension 6510 (during daytime). If you are interested, I can show the working prototype to you.

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