The state of CAcert
The state of CAcert, also known as "When will CAcert be in the browsers?"
Type: Discussion
Processed by assembly: CAcert
Person organizing User:Natureshadow
Orga contact dominik.george@cacert.org

Starts at 2012/12/29 04:00:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/29 05:00:00 PM
Duration 60 minutes
Location CAcert
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One of the questions most commonly asked by community members new and old is "When will CAcert be in the browsers?". Today, we want to tackle this question. The sad thing is that we neither can nor do we want to answer it just so. This discussion is about the current state of CAcert and the audit, what we have done and still have to do to complete it (and become a recognized CA) and whether browser inclusion makes sense as the big goal or not. We will also discuss CA/PKI/SSL-breakage in general. If you have something to ask or to say, you are welcome!

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