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List of distributed cash desks for 27c3 presale. You can use them as a way to anonymously make your payment from 27c3 tickets.



At C4 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 6PM until 10PM. You can pre-announce your visit in IRC (#cccc in freenode) or via email.

In charge: Pera, Pylon and naolive


In Kreativfabrik tuesdays from 7pm to 9.30pm.

In charge: Der Herr der Kasse.


CCC Mannheim open friday from 8pm. Alternative appointments can by requested frameset __at__ ccc-mannheim __dot__ de.

In charge: Frameset.

RaumZeitLabor open tuesdays and wednesdays from 7pm to 2am and saturdays from 4pm to 2am. Alternative appointments can be requested via (anonymous) email to info __at__ raumzeitlabor __dot__ de.

In charge: Unicorn.


In Trollhölle tuesdays from 8pm.

In charge: Bios


In muCCC tuesdays from 7pm.

In charge: codec


At the Montagstreff mondays from 8pm.

In charge: matou


At the Entropia sundays from 8pm.

In charge: stressinduktion


At local CCC hacker space in Mexikoring 21. Tuesdays and fridays from 8pm. Alternative appointments: #ccchh im IRCNet or via email mail __at__ hamburg __dot__ ccc __dot__ de

In charge: Muelli and Lars


At Voidspace tuesdays from 8pm. Check back either through irc ilmenau/#cccac or ilmenau/#fedev

In charge: airmack or riot or MRQ


At CCCB from Nov 18th, thursdays from 8pm.

In charge: Denis

Amsterdam / The Netherlands

See this blog post for details.

In charge: Rop Gonggrijp

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