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Getting the recordings

(more verbose page: Conference Recordings )

main servers

You can use the DNS rotation:

misc mirrors



µTorrent App for direct download in mp4, with background informations of the lectures.

µTorrent Version: Min. 2.2

itunes Podcast

Instructions to subscribe

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. In the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.
  3. Enter your feed URL in the text box and click OK.

or simply: Change the protocol in the URL from http to itpc.

Watching the streams

Please visit for a list of all streams.

Audio only Vorbis Streams
  • Room 1:
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
  • Room 2:
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
  • Room 3:
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://
    • rtmp://

Mplayer hints

The streams have a broken aspect ratio. Start mplayer with "-aspect 16:9" to fix the "egg-head" problem.



As usual, there will be WMV-streams. Additionally, we will offer H.264 encoded streams transported via RTMP this year. The URLs will be announced here and via twitter (@c3streaming) as soon as they are set up. For people that do not have a fast internet connection there is a new streaming concept this year. We call it "slides-only-stream", but of course it is slides and audio. The slides are displayed in almost-real-time on a special website with AJAX reloading of the image and in parallel you can listen to the MP3 stream of the lecture. Since we do not show the speaker, there is no problem with AV-synchronization ;)


The recordings will be available in the formats

  • MP4 (H.264 video, MP3 audio) in 720x576, 16:9 anamorph
  • MP3 audio only
  • Ogg Vorbis audio only
  • ...


HTTP Live Streaming (iOS Devices and Macs)

Webbrowser (HTML5/Flash/Silverlight)


DO NOT MIRROR these completely, it's a waste of bandwidth. There will be much better Files after the congress. Just get the ones you want to watch now on 27C3 or during your Peace Mission!

Relive (Streamdump Streams)

HTTP Live Streaming

If you have an iOS Device (iPhone,iPad,..) or a Mac with Safari you can watch previous lectures here:

(At the moment talks on Day-1 before 17:15 are still missing. They will be added as soon as possible)


If you want to contact the FeM-Team by mail, please use this mail address.

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