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Information Desk


About the information desk

The information desk (or info desk) is the first and main place to contact if you have any kind of problem at the 27C3. You can find us on floor B near the entrance. You can also call us via DECT: INFO (1111).

"Offered services"

Our friendly crew will try to help you, especially if you:

  • need information
  • think that the orga crew of the congress should be informed about an incident
  • need a train/plane/spaceship ticket printed ASAP and NOW!!!! (pls ask kindly)
  • need directions to a club/bar/restaurant/hotel/other venue
  • have a question regarding the organisation of the congress
  • feel lost and want to know where to get Club Mate to get back in touch with life
  • need to know what the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is

IMPORTANT: If you need emergency help, just call the CERT (DECT #112)

If you have any problem with the information desk, please get in touch with Unicorn, who is in charge of this facility.

Lost & Found

If you find anything which would be considered lost by its owner, please take it to the info desk. We will keep all lost items, try to track down/get in touch with their respective owners and add them to the "Lost & Found" list here.


The items listed below were found and brought to the info desk. If you think that one of these items might be yours, please contact [].

  • (ID: 001)* black winter cap found in Room1 // schwarze Wintermütze gefunden in Saal1
  • (ID: 002)* beige scarf found in the Art & Beauty Area // beiger Schal gefunden in der Art & Beauty Area
  • (ID: 003)* white power supply for Apple notebooks // weißer Apple-Notebook-Netzstecker
  • (ID: 004)* pair of black gloves found in saal 1 // schwarze Handschuhe gefunden im Saal 1
  • (ID: 005)* Spagos key card // Spagos Schlüsselkarte
  • (ID:006)* green wool hat // grüne Wollmütze
  • (ID:007)* grey, woolen glove (right) // grauer Wollhandschuh (rechts)
  • (ID: 008)* grey muffler found in the Art & Beauty Area // grauer Schal gefunden in der Art & Beauty Area
  • (ID: 009)* black hama power supply for Sam A300 // schwarzer hama Netzstecker für Sam A300
  • (ID: 010)* beige plaid scarf // Plaid-Schal (Karomuster), Grundfarbe beige
  • (ID: 011)* lighter // feuerzeug
  • (ID:012)* multitool (brand reflects)
  • (ID: 013)* blue & grey winter cap // blau & graue Wintermütze
  • (ID: 014)* Samsung Headset with ear wax // Samsung Headset mit Ohrenschmalz
  • (ID: 015)* black flashlight box with flash light // schwarzes etui für taschenlampe mit lampe
  • (ID: 019)* white power strip with 6 outlets found at Saal 1 after "The Concert" lecture on Day 2 (Tue) // weißer Mehrfachstecker, gefunden in Saal 2 nach dem "The Concert"-Vortrag am 2. Tag (Dienstag)
  • (ID: 023)* black tool case (found outside in the snow) // schwarzes Werkzeug-Gürtel-Etui (gefunden draußen im Schnee)

  • (ID: 027)* dark grey winter cap // dunkelgraue Wintermütze
  • (ID: 028)* striped winter cap (black & white) // schwarz-weiß gestreifte Wintermütze
  • (ID: 031) * black smart phone case (found on the stairs between floors B & C) // schwarzes Smartphone-Etui (gefunden auf der Treppe zwischen Ebene B & C)

  • (ID: 034)* pair of brown leather gloves, found at B01 // braune Lederhandschuhe, gefunden in B01
  • (ID: 035)* black earmuffs, found at Art & Beauty // schwarze Ohrenschützer, gefunden at Art & Beauty
  • (ID: 036)* black scarf (found at Art & Beauty) // schwarzer Schal (gefunden im Art & Beauty-Bereich)
  • (ID: 039)* pair of black gloves // schwarze Handschuhe (OR)
  • (ID: 041)* microsoft wireless mouse dongle stick white // weißer kabelloser dongle stick (von microsoft)
  • (ID: 042)* Box of a budget Samsung mobile phone including power-adapter // Verpackung eines Billig-Samsung-Handy inklusive Netzteil
  • (ID: 046)* scarf in different shades of red (Saal 3) // Schal in verschiedenen Rottönen (Saal 3)
  • (ID: 048)* Winter cap grey/white (Saal 2)
  • (ID: 049)* black scarf (Saal 1) // schwarzer Schal (Saal 1)
  • (ID: 053)* Holzbohrer (vor Infodesk)
  • (ID: 054)* black winter cap
  • (ID: 055)* black winter cap
  • (ID: 058)* Sennheiser earphones
  • (ID: 059)* T-Shirt (L) found in DJ lounge
  • (ID: 060)* scarf in white bag // Schal im Jutebeutel
  • (ID: 063)* Phasenprüfer
  • (ID: 064)* Schlüsselbund // a bunch of keys
  • (ID: 065) * blauer Schaal, C&A am ccc-ffm Tisch
  • (ID: 066) * Schlafsack im Saal 1
  • (ID: 068) * MMC Karte
  • (ID: 069) * Apple Cable
  • (ID: 070) * USB Datenkabel
  • (ID: 071) * Brille
  • (ID: 072) * Red Book
  • (ID: 073) * schwarzer Kaputzenpulli
  • (ID: 074) * blau-weiss Schaal
  • (ID: 075) * Creative Headphones in Bag
  • (ID : 076) Dual wield Kensington
  • (ID: 077) Some fleas (and the corresponding black hat)
  • (ID: 078) Android bag
  • (ID: 079) black zipper
  • (ID: 080) grey scarf
  • (ID:081) kensington key
  • (ID:082) 1 Paar Stiefel
 propably aris - where is lost+found gone? 
  • boots (velcro)
  • black backpack (HP)
  • thinkpad case (incl. some papers, garbage backs etc.)
  • dark green backpack (incl. broken watch, dices)
  • blue, grey backpack (incl. keyboard, booster energy drink)
  • siemens gigaset fon
  • red thermo mug
  • pcmcia card (magic module)
  • book: just a geek, wil wheaton
  • book: the pirate king
  • kensington lock


  • 25c3
  • black (oqlt)
  • black
  • black zipper
  • green (kings road shop)

  • terrycloth, red
  • grey
  • 4x black

Lost (items you are missing which are not listed)

Please add your contact information!

  • White Google G1 HTC mobile telephon - please contact
  • graue Wollmütze mit Innenfutter und Schneeflocken-Dekor am Rand oder so ähnlich (gefunden, kann abgeholt werden)
  • USB-Wirelesscard
  • Lenovo x200s, within black Crumpler bag lost at the Lounge - please contact +49 160 97368478 or
  • grey scarf, lost in Saal 1 on Day 1 (Monday) after the last lecture - please contact
  • black wooly hat with a brim, lost (very probably) in the Lounge area on Day 1 (Monday) - please contact DECT 2655 or
  • beige fringed scarf, lost during "Building Custom Disassemblers" lecture at Saal 1 (17.15-18.00 on Day 2)
** Maybe that one? "beige plaid scarf // Plaid-Schal (Karomuster), Grundfarbe beige (ID: 010) "
  • SQL Statement. It goes somehow like this: UNION SELECT login, password, 'x' FROM user
  • 5m WiFi PoAir cable
  • Schwarze Armbanduhr mit je drei Lederarmbändern an jeder Seite. See Infodesk.
  • black flash drive (USB-Stick) with a micro SD card inside, containing PDF files with 27C3 grapics -
  • lpt-cable with some resistors on it. sometimes called avr-programmer -
  • fake thinkpad neoprene bag with some lecture notes in it - also
  • even for schuko-plug big frame connector (is this the right word? german: steckdosenleiste) - also
  • Old Blackberry with black/white display. contact jabber/mail:
  • Dell Power supply, black, for Latitude D830 model (PA-10 90 W model). Probably left in hack square room. contact 27c3 at timit dot nl

Mitfahrbörse // Carpooling

If you can spare a seat in your car/vehicle and are looking for company, please add your travelling info to the Traveling groups page.

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