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Unfettered high-speed Internet access at 25C3 is available via both wired and wireless networks. In the event of any network emergency, network outage or questions, contact the NOC Help Desk.


[edit] General Rules

  • Be fair! Do not do to others that you don't want others to do to you or your Computer.
  • Protect your Computer! We are not responsible for any damage your Computer System may face when it is attached to the network. Even if you have applied the latest patchlevel your computer may face attacks from in or outside. We can and will not secure you from this. If you got hacked take it as a kind of education for you.
  • Do not start own DHCP servers and ARP spoofers etc! Try to avoid harming and fooling others on the local network. We have tools to find you! If you don't want to clean the floor just don't think about it.
  • Do not download big files over the WiFi! WiFi is a shared media that doesn't scale. Don't harm the others while you download your desired big file. Please seek the next LAN-Port (plenty of them around) and download over a wired connection. It's even faster. Trust us.
  • Think twice before you act! The network is a general playground for everybody. That's fine, but if you hack systems outside we can not protect you from police searching for the individual who did it.
  • Have Fun!

The NOC Team always tries to build and support the fastest Network for you. Imagine that they build up and run a network that a medium sized ISP may have in just a couple of days. It might not be perfect all the time. If you experience outage please report them to the NOC helpdesk. Be patient! We'll do our best to solve it.

[edit] LAN

[edit] Rules for LAN

  • It is ok when you bring your private servers to the network. Just connect them in the Hackcenter. 10GBit ports are however limited in number.

[edit] VPN

  • there's a tunnel service for those who are not on-site
  • if you want your traffic to hide, check out VPN


[edit] Freifunk

Freifunk is an expermental meshnetwork via wireless in ad-hoc mode. feel free and bring with your own wireless accesspoint (only those which will be able to be flashed with openwrt, f.i. Linksys WRT54GL, Asus WL-500GP or Fonera) and join the network

[edit] more details

we are in the 2.4 GHZ-band, (only!) at Channel 1, 2.412 GHz Please be sure to configure your meshnode in the correct way. The best thing is to contact and inform the mesh-crew at the congress to get safed. For Visualisation of the netmesh we also need the exact position of every accesspoint.

see more at Wireless

IP-Registration for Mesh-Accesspoint at Wireless:IPs

[edit] WLAN

[edit] Rules for WLAN

  • Do not bring in equipment that harms the WLAN! So do not bring in and try to operate leaky Microwave Ovens, Analog Video Beamers, High-Power Bluetooth stuff and other equipment that operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band.
  • Do not operate own access points! We know you can do it but it will interfere and harm the bandwith of the Congress network and the Mesh-Network. We have the ability to find and block you but if you don't want to clean the floor please don't do it.
  • No AD-HOC Networks! As they are usually downgrade network performance of others. If you are part of the mesh then use channel 1 otherwise use an USB-Stick or the LAN to share date with other people around you.
  • DHCP vs. FIX-IP! Our DHCP Addresses are location based. So you will see SSIDs (network names) that tell you where you are. When you move from one room to another other SSIDs may have better coverage but will offer a new IP Address Range to you via DHCP. If you want to use a static IP everywhere then please go to the NOC-Helpdesk and request a Peg-DHCP as of RFC 2322.
  • General Rules apply to the WLAN as well! No exceptions made. If you think we cannot locate you - watch out! We are coming to get you.

[edit] 802.11n

The 25C3 will be the first congress where we will provide you ultra fast and long range 802.11n connectivity! However, due to bandwith usage of all the other networks the Access Points have to operate in the 5GHz band to not interfere with the rest of the network and to be able to provide good speed/range to the 11n Users. So you need to have 11n cards that can operate in the 5GHz band to use it. Please share your experience with NOC-Team.

[edit] 2.4 GHz

  • IEEE 802.11 and 802.11b Cards are NOT COOL! You may have old and gold 2Mbit/s and 11Mbit/s Cards like the famous Orinoco Cards to be used in the network. But we want you not to use them. Please! They will use more precious "Airtime" to transfer Data as a modern 11g Card will do. As "Air" is a shared media this would be downgrade the preformance of all other Users. So please be leed and avoid this "legacy" stuff.
  • The Congress Network will operate on Channels 5, 9 and 13! We know that Channel 13 may not be reachable for non EU Cards but it is the best compromise of all the intrests in channels we can provide to you.
  • Download big files over the LAN! Please. See above.

[edit] 5 GHz

  • If you want good speed and bandwith try to use modern 11a / 11h Wireless LAN Cards in your Computer/Notebook! It pays off for you. It's always less crowded, has more transport channels and you don't have to deal with old 11mbit/s legacy Clients. Get to 11a/h for good wireless!

[edit] Mesh

  • In the 2.4GHz Band the Mesh network is operating on Channel 1. No other Channels are allowed to use! Violating the Rule the NOC Team reserves the right to make you clean the Floor.
  • In the 5 GHz Band all Channels above 64 (not including) may be used for Mesh. Latest German rules allows you to use it in and outdoors.

[edit] Network Services

Add the IP of your public available Network Services here:

  • HTTP
  • Crawler
  • Webcams
  • IM Services and Chats

[edit] Latest Updates

There will be a network! If you can bring, arrange or sponsor switches with many GigE and a few 10GbE interfaces, XFP-LRM modules, a big router with a handful of 10GbE interfaces or any of the above: please contact us.

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