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the Address-schemata doesnt already exists. nethertheless here you can register your IP for the accesspoint.

Also, there will be no IPv4 addresses in the mesh, see Wireless:6mesh

[edit] IPs

IPv4 addresses are only needed for node connecting clients to the IPv4 internet. There will be two ranges, one for single IPv4 addresses and one for IPv4 subnets, usually between /29 and /28.

[edit] List

Subnetze: morpheus ( gw ) morpheus jow chrische chrische fon1 fon2 fon3 fon4 fon5 ufo1 / alxhh collision! ufo2 / workshop collision! ufo3 ufo4 glockman ALIX blackhark wuttke cven 5ghz 1 cven 5ghz 2 cven 5ghz 3 keks alix melle fonera transfernetze, foo, etc
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