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[edit] freifunk, wireless, embedded linux, openwrt, luci, freenetworks,layer8and9

The wireless space is the gathering space for people doing things related to wireless technologie, meshnetworks, embedded linux, but also open hardware, inter communty networking, development aid for 3rd world countries, etc. Putting together these different thing make the wireless space an incubator of new ideas, concepts and technologies, changing and shaping the movement for the rest of the year.

As there is not much space available, put yourself in here, if you want to do things. There is plenty of space for hanging out, storing luguagge and consuming elsewhere. Wireless:Orga

[edit] Where

This year we changed the location, you can find the wireless corner at Floor A (Hackcenter).

IRC: please see

[edit] Who comes

Please put a name in here, so everybody knows who to expect. put a project and even better an url beside your name.

[edit] freifunk

[edit] OpenWrt

  • nbd
  • hanez
  • nico
  • lars
  • florian
  • glp
  • cyrus

[edit] olsr

  • aaron

[edit] OpenPattern

[edit] ReseauCitoyen

  • zoobab
  • MisterX

[edit] Cyberpipe

[edit] Wireless 6Mesh

More info Wireless:6Mesh

[edit] What happens

When? What? Remarks Who?
Time OpenWRT Luci Workshop jow
Time naked router not confirmed  ???
27.Dec New Drive in the international Freifunk Community Lightning Talk MarioB
27.Dec Rundfreifunk 19-24 Uhr: broadcast to leipzig people via fm UF0
28.Dec NOC Wireless LAN Workshop A03 Mac & Hacko
Time Mesh network visualisation Beamer and workstation needed
Time Freifunk infostuff  ???
Time shirts?  ???
Time Demo 6Mesh Based on jow, alx, etc.
 ??? Wireless Debrick-O-Rama Bring your Wireless Device for debricking Volunteers?
29.Dec a wireless mesh in the developing world little slideshow/report/discussion maybe 30 min total ?! beamer needed Jan
your Time here your Event here your Remark here Yourname here

[edit] Requested Happenings

What? Who requests? Comment
Arduino Workshop
Howto to code on OpenWRT and/or Luci for Dummies Toxxic
Interfacing Ardunio<>OpenWRT
mediawiki-Workshop for community wiki on
n2n Workshop
your Request here your Name here your Comment here

[edit] Who brings what?

What? Who brings? Comment
some ALIX2C2 boards with toys
ALIX3c3 for Kiosk-Systems
ALIX2c2, Ubnt. NS2, random openwrt router morpheus/chrische
you bring... your Name here your Comment here

[edit] Space needed

Please add yourself to the list if you want to participate. Don't forget to include the space needed. Also include electricity and network needs for big projects. (And please bring at least one extension cord, one multi socket, one 5 port switch, one long network cable more than you need yourself.)

Name Projects Place on Table (in m²) Electricity Network
Keks Some Routerstuff (Alix 2c3, 3c3, Linksys, Buffalo, soldering iron, Regulated Power Supply (up to 10 A / 30 V), Arduino, small breadborad. 1 - 2 230 V / 10 A 1 LAN (bring my Switch with me) / Freifunk Coverage

[edit] Feedback

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