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Distributed Storage Grid

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The idea is to build an experimental Distributed Storage Grid at 25C3 using the Least-Autority Filesystem LAFS-Tahoe.


[edit] Introduction

Tahoe is a secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem. All of the source code is available under a Free Software, Open Source licence. This filesystem is encrypted and spread over multiple peers in such a way that it remains available even when some of the peers are unavailable, malfunctioning, or malicious. The one-page summary explains the unique properties of this system.

[edit] Installation instructions

Quickstart using easy_install tool as root:

easy_install allmydata-tahoe

You can find detailed instruction on the project install.html page.

Open your firewall for inbound tcp trafic on port $(cat /home/tahoe/.tahoe/client.port).

[edit] Platform specific hacks

[edit] MacOS X Leopard

sudo easy_install -U setuptools
sudo /usr/local/bin/easy_install allmydata-tahoe

[edit] Ubuntu intrepid

If you are using ufw, allow access to tahoe client port for other people to connect to your node.

sudo ufw allow $(cat ~/.tahoe/client.port)

[edit] Connecting to the grid

1. Create an new client.

tahoe create-client

2. Edit ~/.tahoe/tahoe.cfg to set the introducer furl and your nickname

echo MyNaMe > ~/.tahoe/nickname
echo pb://qu5tmeahks4s3ndwndhhblqdzgu4kzwk@, > ~/.tahoe/introducer.furl

3. Optionally set quota for storage used on your computer, 10 GB limit in this example.

echo $[10*1024*1024*1024] > ~/.tahoe/sizelimit

4. Start tahoe !

tahoe start

5. Browse through the available files and upload stuff at following location.


NB: Firefox users using the Torbutton extension might suffer from this bug.

I you have any question, just get in touch with User:Francois.

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