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[edit] Tag your pr0n

Everyone who has watched the Infinite Library knows that also porn has to be tagged. I have hacked together a shellscript which generates an index of video porn folders using mplayer and some unix tools. This can save us all from accidentally downloading disgusting porn. Please run this script over your FTP'd porn-folders, usage:

./ pornfolder/

this will create a picture index of the folder. Download the script here: here: please also host it. Other Host: [1] [2]

External mirror: HTTP FTP

Getting Error while trying... [3] ...Well yeah, its just hacked together. Did it create the thumbnails anyway? I haven't tracked the error so far, but i believe it happens when there are non-video files in the directory. You can safely ignore it ;-)

[edit] NetApp

There is a big NetApp FAS6080 System on the C3 this year again. It has a 10GbE-Link and multiple 1GBit-Ethernet Links.

It is accessable by some FTP-Frontends which may be found by now! Please put your fine Stuff and mirrors on it for fast file serving to your friends :-)

If you'd like to upload your stuff with other protocols, you may ask us. :-)

Please feel free to add your feedbacks an transfer rates here, we really like to get some feedback to improve this service.. ;-)

 * less than 20mb/s (while getting 61mb/s from
   splits into 9mb/s when using multiple hosts.
   there is still some room for improvements ...
 * We're doing some maintenance work now, to give you even more bandwith.
    --Robinayor 14:11, 29 December 2008 (UTC)
 * Right now I get "Invalid login" trying to access with
   wget or browser ... what's wrong?
 * Just finished now. Have fun! ;-)
   --Robinayor 14:42, 29 December 2008 


 * 501 REST not compatible with server configuration. Would like to use it again.
   * We'll look for this next year!

[edit] 25c3 Torrent Tracker

-> 25c3 Bittorrent Tracker

[edit] FFSearch

  • http://ffsearch.congress.ccc has moved. New adress: - feel free to add servers.

[edit] List of FTP Servers

Please add new FTP Servers to the top of the list!

  • (wpa psk tables original link)
  • (Creative Commons Music, see
  • ftp://[2001:4ce8:25c3:1130:acd6:478a:8906:dfc5]/fast2/ (wpa tables ccc local fast mirror)
  • ftp://[2001:4ce8:25c3:1094:219:dbff:feea:a8a8]/ just some stuff. laptop, will go away around 17:00
  • 3 TB SPACE Porn, music, games, movies, 12GB EbookZ -> Please upload (Downloaders: HTTP)
  • (FTP) (eng movies (old), series, dokus, directory download, feel free to upload)
  • 2001:4ce8:25c3:1130:417d:729a:46fd:dee5 ( 8.1TiB
  • 2001:4ce8:25c3:1130:acd6:478a:8906:dfc5 ( 7.5TiB (http only from non 25C3 IPs - no kidding)
  • 2001:4ce8:25c3:1130:b8ad:f328:d59f:2af8 ( 7.5TiB (http only from non 25C3 IPs - no kidding)
  • (FTP, AFP) - ~936GB and two upload sections -> Please download & upload!
  • (FTP, FFSearch) -
  • (FTP, SMB, AFP) [Movie (some 1080), Musik]
  • (FTP) - ~700GB upload-space
  • (FTP, HTTP, NFS, SMB) - little less than 1 TB of movies, music, ebooks, roms (Just for 25c3-IPs connectable :( )
  • (was (FTP) - 1,5 TB with upload (25C3 IPs only)
  • [4] (FTP) - ~1,5 TB Music (partly Lossless),Movies (Userlimit 150)
  • - (HTTP) no upload
  • (FTP) 250GB Movie, MP3, ebook / 250GB free for your R/W upload
  • (FTP) - ~60GB Music, ~60GB Movies, ~6GB E-Books, please Upload!
  • (FTP, HTTP, SAFT) Some Music, some Movies, please upload.
  • 200 GB please upload
  • (FTP) - 1,5TB plz upload, too!

[edit] removed because not working

(Please remove if up again)

  • [ MP3z movies most DVD, Pron, Games, Apps, Hentai, please upload ->> DOWN? (2:20)
  • (FTP) ->> seems down. (2:20)
  • 75 GB of science ebooks, no uploads --> Everything is now mirrored to [5] Please download from there (15:10 Server works / download doesn't work? / now 11-16 are working, the other files are missing) Could someone do "for f in *.tar; do echo $f; tar tfv $f; done > seperate_contents.txt"? This would ease download of specific topics. DONE, [6] -> Files 1-4 only partial downloads..
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