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[edit] Tunnel access to the 25C3-Network

[edit] Idea

  • pille is planning to setup a secured connection into the 25C3-Network
  • the goal is to provide outside attendees who cannot join 25C3 at least the possibility to join the congress Network as if they were local in a secure way
  • even though the Network is reachable in pubic IP address space, most services are provided without encryption for various reasons, thus ISPs can do lots of stuff with your traffic (see Bastard_ISPs_from_Hell, GermanPrivacyFoundation, AK_Vorrat)
  • as the distant attendee receives an IP address from the congress-Network, he is able to contribute services, as if he's locally connected

[edit] Howto

  • be somewhere outside the 25C3 network! there's no need to tunnel within!
  • install OpenVPN
  • fetch your prepared config at
    • SHA1 Fingerprint=95:E6:D7:86:3F:D2:39:C0:16:97:1D:29:B8:03:EE:A8:D0:E2:F4:C9
    • MD5 Fingerprint=D9:E5:E9:08:D7:F5:7A:D1:50:91:FE:DE:20:09:19:D5
    • SHA1 Fingerprint of 25c3ca.crt=71:2A:D1:B9:28:0A:50:AB:84:38:EA:23:F0:D2:97:DF:0F:97:35:72
  • follow the instructions and startup your tunnel

[edit] News

  • 2008-12-28 around noon: scheduled downtime for hardware exchange

[edit] Stats


[edit] Contribute

  • i'm looking for hardware (borrowed or donation) as i currently only have access to older hardware (which is only my backup-plan and cannot saturate the desired bandwidth)
    • 1/10Gbit NIC
    • multi-core systems (as encrypting this bandwidth can be quite CPU-intensive)
    • dedicated crypto card
  • feel free to contact me: pille
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