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Lightning Talks are 4-minute talks by various people combined in a set of 10 talks in one hour. You can present a strange idea, your nifty program, a cool project, some hardware you like, ...


  • Slots: 3 (one on Friday, two on Sunday)
    • Day#2, Fri, 11:30--12:30, Room#2 Talks 1-12
    • Day#4, Sun, 17:15--19:30, Room#3 Talks 13-xx

Since there are a lot of Lightning talks, please bring an USB stick with your slides, then we don't lose time to connect each laptop to the beamer. I will bring a laptop which is capable of reading PDF and PPT (OpenOffice) to the sessions. If you insist on using your own laptop, your talk will be scheduled to the end of the session. There will be a hard cut after 4 minutes of talk. The second session will take until all Lightning Talks are done. Hannes 07:41, 27 December 2007 (CET)

I don't need slides, but a browser and some sort of editor - will your computer have this?

Yes. Hannes 14:44, 27 December 2007 (CET)

and I can only be there on Friday, not Sunday --WiseWoman 12:27, 27 December 2007 (CET) (D. Weber-Wulff, Plagiarism)

How do you control the slides as they advance? I'll have quite a few (and can make PDF available), but flip through them rather quickly, so I *need* direct control over the slides, or else the talk won't work. Anyway, I'll try to be there quite a bit before the session starts, so we can figure this out. -tlr


If you want to give a Lightning Talk at 24C3 go ahead and enter your offer below. Please state:

  • Title: the exact title of your talk
  • Language: the language your talk will be held in
  • Name: your name (make a link to your user page with contact information as we might have to get back to you)
  • Description: a short description (use full sentences, no keywords)
  • Overview: also add your talk to the table overview (##, $LANG, $NAME, $TITLE)

If more people apply then there is time for 24C3 Lightning Talk sessions the Content Team will select talks from the list. So please think about giving an accurate description of what you are going to talk about.

Hints for bad Speakers

  • Just sit somewhere in the audience.
  • Wait for the moderator to call you up stage.
  • Plug in your laptop and dont waste time with the setup of the mirco.
  • Just speak as you always speak.
  • Never mind the audience.

Hints for good Speakers

  • Practise your talk with friends.
  • Send a copy of your slides to the moderators.
  • Be in the room there in the break before the slot.
  • Meet to the moderator and mention your name and talk.
  • Test your hardware with the projector.
  • Take a seat in the front row.
  • Find out who the person is before you.
  • Get ready for your talk.
  • When called, get on stage.
  • Adjust the microphone.
  • Say who you are and mention the title.
  • Avoid fast talk. Speak clearly and loud.
  • Only say the most interesting stuff;
  • say everything else on your webpage.
  • When you hear the gong, say goodbye.
  • Leave the stage.

Check your Hardware: Do not waste time with the setup! Study how the VGA of your Laptop works. Especially if you have installed Linux only to show off during the Congress. Test your hardware with the laptop before the show starts. The short periods during the Lightning Talks prohibit that you invest 5 minutes to the Settings of your Graphics card. (That's generally a good idea for all talkers.) Anyone who's setup does not work will be asked to go off stage and try again at the next slot. Some people need an adapter, eg Macbook MiniVGA to VGA adapter! Hopefully someone will bring one... If in doubt - bring your own!

There will be only VGA input's available for the Video-Projectors(a.k.a. Beamers). If you need to feed in some other type of signal (e.g. from a camera-to show small things(CVBS,S-video), a ultra new laptop-that has only HDMI, some weird gameing console-that you are gonna crack(YUV), or whatever) bring a device that can really -convert- these signals. Simple passive adapters mostly don't work (e.g. there are adapters from HDMI to DVI and from DVI to VGA, but with the you will NEVER be able to convert a HDMI signal into VGA, without a real Converter). Last year we hat some converters for CVBS/S-Vid to VGA, but only after Day2. Probably there won't be any this year. So, again as above, if you need some, bring your own!

Register: Enter your talk in the overview table, ie the language (DE/EN), your name, the title, - and a short description (not in the overview table, though).

Content: Usually the topic is some cool program or project - but it can also be a good rant.

Practise!: Practise your talk. Know your words. Time your speech. Do not waste time on deviation, hesitation, or repetition.

Presentation: Whatever the topic - dive right in, and make it count! One "word" of introduction should suffice, and then give us as many info as you can within 4:30mins as possible. Expect the audience to look up references themselves. Remember: This is not a lecture where you should define and explain all words you use - this is a lightning talk!

End: When your hear the buzzer/gong finish it immediately, ie say "thanks for listening to my talk about $FOO. the website is $URL, and contact me on number $DECT". Please be fair about the to those talking after you - and just leave the stage.

Links: Enter *one* link to your own page on the matter. Add your slides and more info and link to that page.

Moderators: Being a moderator is a stressy job. Two moderators are better than one. Changing microphones between people costs too much time. So everyone involved should have a microphone - the speakers, and both of the two moderators. As you will most probably be dealing with a laptop, you should have your hands free; use headsets! Bring some DVI/VGA adaptors - Speakers usually forget them. Bring a buzzer/gong, too. Shove boring speakers off stage.

Slots: The slots after a break are much referred because you get a chance to test your setup during the break. Moderators should make sure the audio and video angels are present in those breaks to help testing the setup. Be sure to get a (nick)name and a DECT phone number, too.

More Info



01 English Oliver CongressRadio
02 English Oliver Gapminder - Free the data, debunk the myths
04 English Mattis Manzel wiki-net - The neuron of the hive-mind: wiki
05 German Saerdnaer (Freie) Geodaten und Geo-Projekte
06 English Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes AK Vorrat on the Go - Current Projects and Plans
32 German foobatz EU-Telcompackage, Möglichkeit zur VDS-Revision
07 English Thomas Roessler When Widgets Go Bad - JSON on the desktop, and other vulnerabilities
08 English Alexander Klink OpenXPKI update
09 German Saerdnaer WikipediaProjekt: Vorlagenauswertung
11 English Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes Spreading TOR: TOR in every single home
10 English Julian Todd Why is on strike
12 English Tomasz Wegrzanowski XSS protection for Ruby on Rails


-- English Debora Weber-Wulff Plagiarism detection - currently scheduled as #22 - can only be within first slot on Friday. please allow to add here. Sven
03 English Matt Edman The Vidalia Project - a GUI for Tor
13 English Kardan [CANCELED] Power Structure Research with Perl/Tcl on Bertelsmann
14 English bushing +others Console Hacking: State of the Wii
15 English Rolf(EuRo)Eustergerling Free Communication without data retention?
16 en CANCELLED dan levin & valentin 'esc' haenel otr-irssi: IM security for CLI geeks
17 English Kristian 'kriss' Mueller netsim: Visualising the Spanning Tree Protocol
18 English Andrej Useful Automutilation - How to destroy fingerprints?
19 English Dirk Krischenowski City Top-Level-Domains as basis of urban identity!
20 English Marcel P. Partap The Human Future Optimization Project International

"... in that case, let us build the new world order ourselves!

21 German Markus Schneider UniHelp - von Studenten für Studenten
22 English Debora Weber-Wulff Plagiarism detection - fast as lightning! Plagiarism Portal (in German) From the Department of Invisible Women: Guess this talk won't happen. I wrote that I could only talk Friday. Sven repeated this. I went up to the front at the beginning with a guy who also could only speak today. His number was larger than mine. But he was called to speak, I was not. Guess I was invisible today. Anyway - I was going to show you how easy teachers can detect plagiarism with search machines. Three words suffice.
23 English Benjamin Henrion EU-EPLA and Community Patent: Software Patents reloaded
24 German Markus Raab Elektra - Ein neuer Ansatz für Software Konfiguration
25 English Urs Ganse "The Game" - Once you know the rules, you can never stop playing.
26 English Mario Behling Towards a "free (software) world" - Experiences of FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam [File]
28 English SJ Samuel Klein OLPC - How to get involved in the EU, how the developer program works and presentation by SJ Samuel Klein, director of content of OLPC.
29 English AaronK OLSR-NG - new developments for OLSR (mesh protocol and the working horse backbone of all FreiFunk networks): very low CPU load, new ideas, multipath routing, ETT metrik, etc.
30 German Georg Jähnig Serchilo - command the web
31 German Elmar Bschorer [1] - Vorstellung von "lintrunix" - Snort based IDS Frontend / LiveCD
33 English German Purodha Blissenbach Omegawiki · free open source dictionary of all words/expressions of all languages + translations + more properties · Wörterbuch aller Wörter/Ausdrücke aller Sprachen + aller Übersetzungen + weiterer Eigenschaften, ein freies community projekt.
Slides + Folien
34 English [xname] Virtual Entity - a new license for sharing digital works
36 English AH Security and statistical analysis tools for the human rights community created by Benetech
27 English Muelli Cracking MD5 hashed strings in less than one second (I am not available all the time, hence moving to the end)
37 English Rainer Translating the Annalist blog. This project refers to Anne Roth's talk about life as the partner of a terrorism suspect.


  1. CongressRadio
    • English
    • Oliver from CongressRadio
    • In our presentation we will introduce the CongressRadio, tell a little bit about upcoming Podcasts and - more important - how to join us and publish a Podcast too.
  2. Gapminder, Trendalyzer and Dollar Street - Free the data, debunk the myth
    • English
    • Oliver
    • A short introduction into Gapminder, which makes boring statistics visual as not seen before and changes the view of the world - literally ;-)
  3. The Vidalia Project
    • English
    • Matt Edman
    • Vidalia is a cross-platform, open source Tor GUI currently included in the Windows and OS X Tor bundles. In this talk, I will give a brief overview of the features Vidalia currently has and what we're planning next. I will also suggest ways in which developers, usability experts, graphic artists and designers, tech writers, or anyone else interested in having a better, more usable Tor GUI can help out with the project.
  4. The neuron of the hive-mind: wiki
    • English
    • Mattis Manzel
    • Neurons get stimulated and they "fire". A band isn't a band before it gets on stage. The wiki-net applies these truisms to the neuron of the hive-mind: wiki.
    • 'wiki-net'
    • A bit of hacking wiki engines (all of them) in order to make them speak and listen and a bit of developing a culture of representing wiki-communities to the "outside" gives us all it needs to build the hive-mind.
  5. (Freie) Geodaten
    • German
    • Saerdnaer
    • Eine kurze Übersicht über (freie) Geodatenquellen und -Projekte, darunter Openstreetmap,, OpenGeoDB und andere.
    • Requirements: Ich bräuchte, wenn möglich, einen Macbook MiniVGA zu VGA Adapter
  6. AK Vorrat on the go - Actual projects and plans
    • english
    • Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes (resident ;-) - 24c3-DECT: 2487, Tel: +49-30-2487266, Cell: +49-170-2487266, E-Mail: rcrf[at]
    • Lightning talk of the AK Vorrat about actual projects, intended to activate new activists! :-D
  7. When Widgets Go Bad - JSON on the desktop, and other vulnerabilities
    • English
    • Thomas Roessler
    • Dashboard Widgets for MacOS are developed in JavaScript. They use JSON. Guess how they parse their data. Oh, and there is no useful sandbox around them. That is, however, just the start: I'll present some examples of where Widget programming goes predictably wrong, and how to exploit that -- from the network, of course, or by e-mail.
  8. OpenXPKI update
    • English
    • Alexander "alech" Klink
    • As an update to last year's talk, I'd like to talk a bit about how the OpenXPKI project has come along, what you can do with it today and where we go from there. If there is enough interest, I am able to offer an installation/configuration workshop as well - contact me if you are interested.
  9. WikipediaProjekt: Vorlagenauswertung
    • German
    • Saerdnaer
    • Eine kleine Einführung in das Projekt, was dort meiner Meinung noch fehlt und warum sich noch viel mehr Leute damit befassen sollten.
  10. Why is on strike
    • English
    • Julian Todd,
    • A fairly serviceable treatment of all transcripts and votes by the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council since 1994 was completed in November this year, and then abruptly taken down. I will mention the technical difficulties in obtaining the official transcripts, parsing the PDF documents into structured HTML suitable for Web 2.0 use, and what finally halted the project.
  11. Spreading TOR: TOR in every single home
    • english
    • Alx, Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes (resident ;-) - 24c3-DECT: 2487, Tel: +49-30-2487266, Cell: +49-170-2487266, E-Mail: rcrf[at]
    • Introduction to a new national and international campaign and a small subversive thingy, spreading anonymity over the world - by German Privacy Foundation e.V., AK Vorrat and many others! :-D
  12. XSS protection for Ruby on Rails
    • English
    • Tomasz Wegrzanowski,
    • Ruby on Rails by default comes with no built-in protection against XSS attacks, and it's very easy to forget a h call in your templates. A very simple Rails plugin we developed recently at Trampoline Systems provides very good level of protection against XSS attacks while making your templates even cleaner by using "everything escaped unless explicitly stated otherwise" policy.
  13. Power Structure Research with Perl/Tcl on Bertelsmann
    • English / German [?]
    • Kardan
    • Bertelsmann one of the 5th biggest worldwide media corporations has significant influence on german and european politics. This projects aims to analyze and visualize the personal network that belongs to the Bertelsmann AG, Bertelsmann Foundation and their daughters like CAP, CHE, CKM, and so on. As verbal descriptions can't explain the influence very well, this is to give a graphicol view an the network of projects and collaborators. First impressions. Further informations will follow.
  14. Console Hacking: State of the Wii
    • English
    • bushing / others TBD
    • The Nintendo Wii has been one of the most resilient consumer devices against hacker attack. In this talk, we'll discuss why that is the case, any recent developments, and possible future directions.
  15. Free communication without data retention?
    • English
    • Rolf(EuRo)Eustergerling
    • Building a parallel infrastructure for free communication. What is to think about.
  16. CANCELLED instant messaging security for command line geeks
    • en
    • Name: Dan Levin - dlevin( find us ) && Valentin 'esc' Haenel - valentin.haenel( keep trying )
    • We want to propose a new use-case for extending otr (Off The Record) encryption to work within the gpg web of trust framework. One such use case is: using otr encryption in combination with the irssi irc client running within screen on an internet server and using bitlbee as a irc to instant messaging gateway like the otr-irssi project.
  17. netsim: Visualizing the Spanning Tree Protocol
  18. Useful Automutilation - How to destroy fingerprints?
    • English
    • Andrej
    • Fingerprints are now in the new german biometric passport. This talk is intended to present the information at hand on howto destroy a fingerprint. Also, I want your feedback and ideas on how to approach this issue. (Maybe, a unoffcial workshop on this will take place later on.)
  19. City Top-Level-Domains as basis for the urban identity!
    • English
    • Dirk Krischenowski
    • I'd like to give an update on the development of City Top-Level-Domains like .berlin, .paris or .nyc. and on what are the current developments at ICANN.
  20. The Human Future Optimization Project International
    "... in that case, let us build the new world order ourselves!
    • English
    • Marcel P. Partap
    • At the beginning of the 21st century, mankind is facing huge issues like climate change, fresh water scarceness, poverty, dramatic increase of addiction and emotional illnesses, and many other social problems. At the same time, never before has it been potentially possible to solve all these problems by means of technology and global networking. However, the currently established system (democracy + free market economy), even if it is the best that ever existed, to a great deal is part of the problem. Instead of working within the system to take counter measures to its own natural effects, a better approach is to design a new world governance system designed to tackle the problems our society has, work out the details and regulations, implement the needed algorithms and democratically establish it globally. So, let us begin.
  21. UniHelp - von Studenten für Studenten
    • German
    • Markus Schneider, markus.schneider(at)
    • Im vergangenen Jahr gab es viele Diskussionen und einen großen Medienrummel um social networks und sogenannte Studentenportale. Und meistens hatte man den Eindruck, es ginge nur um Userdaten und viel Geld, nicht um die User oder um die Studenten. Die Frage, ob es eine Alternative gibt, möglichst noch quelloffen (Open Source), wurde ab und zu gestellt, aber eine Antwort gab es bis jetzt noch nicht. Wir, ein Studentenprojekt aus Magdeburg zeigen, wie Studenten ihre eigene Community für Studenten betreiben können. Jetzt wird der Sprung zum Open-Source-Projekt gewagt, um die Idee "UniHelp" bekannt zu machen.
  22. Plagiarism detection - fast as lightning!
    • English
    • Debora Weber-Wulff (WiseWoman)
    • Some students think that services like the Wikipedia are great for helping them write papers - with Copy and Paste. In 4 minutes and 30 seconds I practiced! I will write a nice paper about a computer science topic, and in 30 seconds I will show how easy it is for teachers to find the source, using only a search machine and common sense. I can only do this Tuesday morning, though....
  23. EU-EPLA and Community Patent: Software Patents reloaded
    • English
    • Benjamin Henrion
    • The acrimonious debate over the proposed directive on computer-implemented inventions (software patents) might never have arisen if the patent litigation system in Europe had been unified, thereby eliminating the possibility of disparate national rulings on the same patent matter.
  24. Elektra - Ein neuer Ansatz für Software Konfiguration
    • German
    • Markus Raab
    • Kurze Vorstellung was libelektra ist, was es leistet und wie weit wir gekommen sind.
  25. The Game - Once you know the rules, you can never stop playing
    • English
    • Urs Ganse
    • I will quickly introduce the three simple rules of "The Game", a bizarre mindgame in which the players' goal is to forget about the existence of the game itself. Be warned: by listening to this talk, you will become players yourself.
  26. Towards a "free (software) world" - Experiences of FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam
    • English
    • Mario Behling from / Blog, freelayers, perspektive89
    • In my presentation I will introduce the ideas behind FOSS Bridge, its goals and the implementation of the EU and German government funded project. I will also present the consortium of organizers (InWEnt, INRIA, IOIT, Cenatic), participanting companies and ideas for future collaboration as well as possibilities to join the project.
    • Background of FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam: The transfer of know-how is one important basis of the FOSS philosophy and is the key idea behind FOSS Bridge "EU-Vietnam". The goal of FOSS communities is to develop the best possible software. The more developers and companies are engaged, the better the possible software solution or service. FOSS Bridge "EU-Vietnam" supports joint projects of companies in Europe and Vietnam to sustain and increase their competitiveness by training FOSS developers and experts in Vietnam. The stated aim of the project consortium is to set an example for innovative international collaboration between companies and countries working together for their mutual benefit through FOSS.
  27. Cracking MD5 in less than one second
    • English
    • The lightning talk will show you how to reverse a md5 hashed string by using google. You will also be invited to run your own md5-hash-cracking website and to contribute to md5crack0r
  28. OLPC
    • English
    • AaronK, SJ Klein
    • How to get involved in tbe EU. How you can get your XO and what is happening behind the scenes at OLPC
  29. OLSR-NR
    • English
    • AaronK
    • progress report on OLSR, preview of what is to come and what we achieved so far in the OLSR-NG project
  30. Serchilo - command the web
    • German
    • Georg Jähnig
    • Bahnverbindungen, Telefonnummern, Übersetzungen, Suchmaschinen - all das und mehr erreicht man über die Web-Kommandozeile Serchilo. Und kann eigene Kommandos im Wiki hinzufügen. Mehr im Screencast.
  31. lintrunix
    • deutsch
    • Elmar Bschorer
    • Vorstellung des Projektes lintrunix. Ziel des Projektes ist es, ein intuitives Security-System zu entwickeln, dass die besten Features von Security-Tools wie, Snort, ARPWatch, Nmap, Nessus, Wireshark, DNSWatch, SurfControl... etc. unter einer einzigen Benutzerschnittstelle vereint. Größtes Augenmerk unseres Projektes liegt darin, alle Security-Tools so zu bündeln, dass eine intuitive Benutzerschnittstelle entsteht die durch einfache Bedienbarkeit breite Akzeptanz findet.
  32. VDS: Der Eurotelcompackage-Hack
    • deutsch
    • foobatz
    • Wir müssen nicht auf das BVerfG warten. Es reicht vollkommen ein wenig Zeit in das EU-Telcompackage zu investieren, um den Europäischen gesetzgeberischen Unfall "Vorratsdatenspeicherung" zu kitten und noch mehr zu erreichen.
  33. Omegawiki
    • English + Deutsch
    • Purodha Blissenbach
    • Omegawiki is a collaborative free open source open content projekt creating a dictionary targetting to cover all expressions or words of all linguistic entities (aka languages) with all their translations, and many more properties, relations, etc.. Some words do not have exact translations. Some have several translations, and several meanings, and synonyms. Omegawiki handles all this. It employs a set of data bases, added to a MediaWiki Wiki using the Wikidata extension. (Slides + Folien)
  34. Virtual Entity
    • English
    • xname
    • Licences are often about laws and royalties... Somehow content-inventor and content-reicever are banned out. lawyers and book-keepers will follow. Artists tend to lose track of their works. This licence aims to structure an open dialogue between users, creators, voyeurs. Virtual Entity is a general concept: digital productions are like nature, they do not belong to anyone. The net is a morphing distributed body mirroring current human culture. Culture wants to be free, culture does not belong to any owner.
  35. Hacker-Chorgesang
  36. Superbertram
    • English
    • Georg Schuetz
    • Superbertram is a Blogchecker who streams to the net 24/7 and posts pictures at His eyes can be moved using the webinterface and you can book him for your child's birtday party, to get a worldwide audience, including your aunt in Australia. He practices a clear policy of making everything public what he sees, with a bright smile.
  37. Translating the Annalist blog
    • English
    • Rainer
    • Translating the Annalist blog. This project refers to Anne Roth's talk about this: "Life as the partner of a terrorism suspect means living with police and secret service surveillance: phone tapping, video cameras pointing at your doors, plain-clothed police following your every step, e-mail and internet access being monitored etc etc."
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