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Zur Person

Georg Schuetz (A/DE, *1977)

Born in Zwettl, Austria, Georg Schuetz did visual Experiments and VJing between exam and university (95-01). Then he entered Germany (Cologne) to attend the KHM (, a well equipped media-art-university in the middle of media spectacle society (Nordrhein-Westfahlen). At June, 14th, 2006, he was the cofounder of "Odonien", a micronation for art and culture in the middle of Cologne. One jear later, the state has been officially closed, nevertheless it´s still known as "the" location of colognes nightlife. ( In May 2007 he graduated with honor at the department for Media Art with his project "Super Surveillant Spectacle". Superbertram and the "headmounted IP-Cams" are offsprings of this project.

Fields of interest:

hyperrealities privacy&publicity medial omnipresence surveillance blog&post



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