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During the talk "What is terrorism?", the idea was raised to translate the german parts of the blog to english, which was endorsed by the author. This page is meant to organize this work. I'd propose translating here on the wiki, if you want to do so, sign in first, then add your name to the corresponding entry and put the translated page on the wiki once your finished (so it can be copy-edited by people on the Wiki) ...

Anne: Hi, I'm going to start publishing your translations now and i would really like to credit you for the work. Please add a name, nick, whatever else you'd like to see there!

Letter to friends
Live und in Farbe Annalist-LiveUndInFarbe
Schäuble 2.0 und das Menschenrecht auf Sicherheit
DNA-Proben AnnalistDNA-Proben
Kein Terror multimedial
Nie wieder Terrorist
Baltic Women 2007
Spatzen im Winter - Hausbesuche im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus
BKA ist nicht Stasi*
Florian Opitz frei
Zwei Briefe
Heute müssen die Jungs mal alleine spielen
Interview 30. September
Ein Terrorist AnnalistEinTerrorist
Best of.. Reaktionen
Ein Orwellscher Alptraum
Too Much Coffee
Der Haftbefehl ist aufgehoben
Was ist hier falsch?
Aber was ist das eigentlich: Terrorismus?
BGH gibt Entscheidung am Mittwoch bekannt
Telefonterror II
So allein heut abend?
Entscheidung verschoben
Some background to the case against Andrej and six others
Florian Opitz facing 14 years of prison in Nigeria
Handy-Wanzen, oder: Das BSI, die Bundesregierung und der Rest der Welt AnnalistHandy-Wanzen
Der schwarze Beutel
Sicherheitsknoten AnnalistSicherheitsknoten
feminist bullsh*t
Condi für Frieden
Comment from oli: I just happen to sit in the Radiostudio (see CongressRadio) with Anna and others and we are all thrilled by your actions, but there are other people like Anna and Andrej and they too need support. They need to know how to publish/blogg or adress the public and therefore inform a wider audience. So lets not just focus on Anna only please.
Comment from Anne: I am thrilled by your actions. Oli, rather than discouraging people from helping me - can you suggest what they should and could do to support others, or even where to find more information?
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