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Due to chaotic circumstances we have only one workshop room instead of the accounced two. Therefor some workshops are announced at the same time. We try to sort that out...


You just do a workshop at the congress. Reserve some time at this wiki page. First come, first serve. The workshop room is next to the Hackcenter and has a video projector, tables and chairs for about 23 people.

Please do not use this room as a lecture room - it is too small for that anyway. ;) Do add *some* contact info to your workshop so someone can inform you of collisons.

Day 1 - 2007-12-27 Thu

Time Name Title
17:15--18:15 Pylon #Building a Hacker Space: Q&A-Session
21:00--23:00 N.N. #OpenWrt: Participating and developing

Day 2 - 2007-12-28 Fri

Time Name Title
10:00--12:00 N.N. #haecksenfryhstyck
12:00--14:00 Sven Reumann #Open Access Server der Hamburger Geschichtswerkstätten
14:30--15:45 Alexander Koch #Lojban Workshop
16:00--17:00 various artists #SwissChaos
17:00--18:30 #Good ads for good causes
18:30--20:30 Remmert #AK Vorrat
23:59--26:00 nem #PSP Cracking Midnight Gather

Day 3 - 2007-12-29 Sat

Time Name Title
10:00--13:00 Kolossos Wikipedia-Toolservermeeting details at Wikipedia
13:00--14:00 Alexander Graf #Emulating an unmodified x86 Mac OS X
collision 14:00--16:00 Machtelt Garrels #Geek lifestyling
Saal 2 15:30--16:00 N.N #PGP Keysigning
collision 16:00--18:30 #xxxxx workshop: white noise/high frequency sniffing
collision 16:00--17:00 Ilja, Alex, Antia, Christian #Practical Quantum Cryptography
17:00--18:30 Morbid, Shutdown, Gilbert #ICMP4 Meeting
18:30--20.00 #VoIP (in)security
20:00--21:30 Saerdnaer #OpenStreetMap Nutzer Treffen
21:30--23:00 Julien D'Assange #wikileaks - a place for journalists, truth tellers and everybody else
23:00--24:00 0xtob #Nintendo Hacking Teatime

Day 4 - 2007-12-30 Sun

Time Name Title
11:45--12:45 Oliver #Gapminder - Free the data, debunk the myths
12:45--14:45 Remmert + Bendrath #International civil society: where the hack are you?
14:45--18:00 #Regiotreff - Treffen der Chaostreffs und Erfakreise des CCC
18:30--19:30 TyRaNiD #PSP Hacking and Development Workshop
19:30--21:30 Phantasus #Basic 3D Modelling in Blender


Gapminder - Free the data, debunk the myths

Day 4 - 11:45--12:45 (Berlin time) - Sunday - 30.12.2007 - 2007-12-30

Regarding my Lightning Talk No. 02 on Day 2 which failed to show the Gapminder-Website I want to take the opportunity of a 24C3-Worksop to introduce you to Gapminder, Trendalyzer and Dollar Street/database visualization and think/develop together other ways how to use this and maybe other tools for a good cause.

Basic 3D Modelling in Blender

Sunday, 30.12.2007, 19:30--21:30

A small Workshop about creating and rendering a 3d model in Blender. What will it cover? Well..

  • Damn short: WTF? is Blender
  • Where you get that thing
  • How the interface and the controls of it work
  • Types of objects
  • How editing works
  • Introduction to materials
  • The camera
  • The lights
  • Rendering an object

Because we have not much time and the workshop guy(me) doesn't have prepared models and any ideas for models which would be good for beginners. So.. know what you want to do.

Building a Hacker Space: Q&A-Session

Thursday, 2007-12-27, 17:15h–18:15h

In addition to our lecture about Hacker Space Design Patterns we want to offer an hour for questions and answers. Usually there are some specific questions how a hacker space can be set up or how some situations can be handled. We want to help those hackers with sharing our experience.

Join this workshop if you are about to set up a hacker space or already run one, but there are some questions you don't know an answer to yet.

Responsible for this workshop: Pylon

OpenWrt: Participating and developing

Thursday, 27.12.2007, 9-11 PM

Do you wonder about how to participate in the development of OpenWrt? Are you interested in working with OpenWrt Kamikaze/buildroot in general? Would you like to know more about how to port packages, or adding kernel modules - would you like to be a participator in the development of the project?

A group of OpenWrt developers will attend the workshop to answer questions and engage in practical activites.

Physical Pixels Recreation: Recreation by building with pixels you can touch

Friday, 28.12.2007, 6-8 PM

Sometimes we loose our selves in ones and zeros. My medicine to get back on track was at first to build things in LEGO after finding how beautifully this got my brain to relax and improved my abilities digitally, I started to explore some different types of physical pixels, and settled with plastic beads. I want to give others an opportunity to try and feel the benefits of combinding computing in general and programming specifically with making pictures with beads.

I could have done it, like I did last year, just sit in a corner and build my beadboards and maybe sell some if anyone was interested. This year I thought I would give others a chance to explore the benefits of working with the digital in a physical way.

During a couple of hours, all the beads I can possible get my hands on, boards and some inspirational examples from my production, will be available for anyone, to make their own board, or just to meditate over. No lectures, no teaching, just learning by doing.

Open Access Server der Hamburger Geschichtswerkstätten

Friday, 28.12.2007, 12:00-14:00

Die Geschichtswerkstätten sind in den 80ern Jahren des 20.ten Jahrhinderts angetreten Menschen zu befähigen ihre eigene Geschichte zu erforschen. Sie waren sehr erfolgreich damit und haben auf vielfältige Weise bereichernd auf die offizielle Geschichtsschreibung zurückgewirkt. Obwohl Sie mit der Freien Software Bewegung viele Werte teilen, gab es bisher kaum Berührungspunkte zwischen diesen beiden Bewegungen. Ein Hamburger Open Access Projekt ist angetreten dies zu ändern. Wikipedia soll dabei als Bindeglied dienen. Die Schwierigkeiten die dabei auftreten sind durchaus lehrreich für andere Projekte, die die versuchen neue Bevölkerungsgruppen für die Hackercommunity zu gewinnen.

Geek lifestyling

Saturday, 29.12.2007, 2-4 PM Machtelt Garrels

Dos and don'ts for geeks who want to make a serious effort in being accepted by the girls. How to dress, what to say, what not to say. Personal advice on body hair, odor, hygiene, confident behavior. On-the spot haircuts and beard trimmings.

We started this in the OpenBSD tent at the CCC camp. This time, we go further. This workshop can change your life. Become the man that the ladies want.


Practical Quantum Cryptography

Saturday 29.12.2007 / 16.00-17.00

An experimental setup, which was shipped from Singapore, especially for this conference works with entangled photon pairs and permits the implementation of different protocols allowing the distribution secure key between two points. Contrary to its name, quantum cryptography is not an encryption method but rather a way to generate and distribute a secure key.

We will demonstrate our quantum cryptography kit [1] on level C next to the staircase. It is an opportunity to discuss the details of how the system works in principle, as well as the hardware implementation and the issues that arise in moving from concept to practice. The optical channel is "open to civilized attack" ... optics for 808nm might prove useful.

If you want to have a closer look into the code and hardware which is running the whole thing, feel free to come by and play with it, find holes in it etc....We'll put the code somewhere reasonable in a few hours (as in a web server), but keep in mind the documentation is not all that great yet - but we are working on it 8)

For math buffs, we have a nice problem to tinker with, because we are tired carrying around these atomic clocks. Any discussion/project about that synchronization problem is highly welcome. We know it is possible, but we don't know how to do it nicely.


xxxxx workshop: white noise/high frequency sniffing

Saturday 29.12.2007 / 16.00-19.00 (Berlin time)

A hands-on, open hardware workshop based around the etching and soldering of two projects: the first, a simple white noise generator with applications including cryptography and EVP, the second a high frequency sniffing device based around the tiny Analog Devices's AD8313 logarithmic detector chip which provides an audio signal output for recording, ambient use (en route) or spectrum analysis. Over the course of 2007 xxxxx [1] have presented a weekly series of workshops in Berlin exploring free software and open hardware.

For information and subscriptions:

Nintendo Hacking Teatime

Saturday 29.12.2007 / 23.00-24.00

A cozy get-together for everyone interested in Nintendo hardware, voiding the warranty, hacking it, coding for it. Want to showcase a DS homebrew project, a Wiimote hack, or anything else? Or just want to hang around and have a tea? Either way, this workshop is for you!


International civil society: where the hack are you?

Sunday, 30.12.2007, 12:45 - 14:45 (Berlin time)

Let's talk about a civil society movement and coordination of protests across borders. The "security sector reform" and the ruin of civil rights are international phenomenons or trends, so we have to be international, too.

The AK Vorrat (and maybe EDRi?) would like to invite again european (and african, asian, american...) civil society organisations to build a network, coordinate protest and campaigns etc.

We will talk about "lessons learned" and work to do. How may the (digital) civil society hack the political agenda for more freedom and democracy?

Language: english
For info and subscriptions:

  • Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes (resident ;-) - 24c3-DECT: 2487, Tel: +49-30-2487266, Cell: +49-170-2487266, E-Mail: rcrf[at]
  • Ralf Bendrath

AK Vorrat-Workshop: "Resistance isn't futile - next steps to a civil society movement"

Friday, 28.12.2007, 18:30 - 20:30 (Berlin time)

"Resistance isn't futile - next steps to a civil society movement"
Official AK Vorrat-workshop. The workshop is intended to give information about our former and future work, next steps and projects.

The Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung ("German working group on data retention") is the german civil society movement working against data retention and other legal issues, we identify as a danger for the freedom of our society.

We have build up a network of protestors, organized different protest demonstrations, events and campaign - but we have a lot of work to do in the future: we want to build a broad civil society movement, together with the help of, well, YOU! And dozens of other well-reputated NGOs, civil rights groups, actisvists etc.

We have a lot of work to do:

  • building up a network of NGOs
  • Organizing a strategy-congress in February
  • driving our different campaigns
  • thinking about new campaigns

Language: german
For info and subscriptions: Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes (resident ;-) - 24c3-DECT: 2487, Tel: +49-30-2487266, Cell: +49-170-2487266, E-Mail: rcrf[at]

SwissChaos Workshop

Friday 28.12.2007, 16.00-17.00 (Berlin time)

get2gether / swiss chaotics get together to discuss (semi-moderated meeting style) current and planned projects, issues, todos, pending items, open and hidden problems --> please send discussion points to privo-at-gmx-dot-ch with title "24C3 workshop input" --> further discussions will be held outside the workshop room (after 1700 - so others can use the workshop room too)

For more chaos, please join our public mailinglist.

ICMP4 Meeting

Saturday, 29.12.2007, 17.00-18.30 (Berlin time)

Organisationsmeeting des Chaostreffs Erlangen fuer die ICMP4 im Sommer 2008. Projektseite: ICMP.

Lojban Workshop

Friday, 28.12.2007, 14.30-15.45 (Berlin time)

An introduction to lojban, the logical language. For more information about lojban see: Lojban - A Hackers' Spoken Language and WP: Lojban (de)/WP: Lojban (en).

VoIP (in)security workshop: a discussion about it

Saturday 29.12.2007 / 18.30-20.00 (Berlin time)

If at maximum 15 people are interested we could hold a 1.5 hours workshop about VoIP attacks and hardening... no guided hands-on... it will be a sharing experience workshop... will be discussed (with the public) how voip works, common tools and techniques to hack it, best practices to prevent such attacks. We'll also give some real cases (among which "how Italian embassy used voip during the summer camp" ... do u remember the message you received on your voip/dect phone? ;P) Jeky99 will help me during this meeting/discussion/workshop. Please, come here to exchange experience, not only to listen and stay silent :(

The workshop will be held in english.

For any info or to subscribe write to

Attendees right now: 12

OpenStreetMap Nutzer Treffen

Saturday 29.12.2007 / 20.00-21.30 (Berlin time)

Treffen aller OSM Nutzer auf dem Congress, auch für die, die es werden wollen.

After nobody said something against the time I proposed on the talk-de mailinglist, I now reserved the slot for us. -- sege 25.12.07 19:20


  1. Saerdnaer,
  2. Jacko,
  3. sege,
  4. Mgeiser,
  5. MarcusWolschon DECT 6222
  6. ulfl
  7. Purodha
  8. Grant Slater (firefishy) - Guy carrying around a Garmin 60CSx GPS.
  9. Arnomane - A Wikipedian that is interested in connecting Wikipedia Geoinformation data with OpenStreetMap data


Add yourself here with #~~~



Friday, 28.12.2007, 10-12 (Berlin time)

Alle Frauen und Mädchen, die Lust haben, gemeinsam zu frühstücken, sich mal zu sehen, Projekte zu planen, Mitstreiterinnen zu finden .... sind eingeladen zum grossen Haecksen Fruehstueck. (längerer Text folgt baldigst)

All women and girls who like to have breakfast together, want to meet each other, to plan projects, find comrades-in-arms, and much more, are invited to our great Haecksen breakfast! (longer text real soon)

Contact? anyone?

Wer bringt was mit?

  • Käse --WiseWoman 17:22, 27 December 2007 (CET)

Why most ads suck - or good ads for good causes

Friday, 28.12.2007, 17.00-18.30 (Berlin time)

We look at recent ads and learn how professional advertising works, so that afterwards we can create really good advertisements for the good(tm) causes.

Interested? get in touch!

Emulating an unmodified x86 Mac OS X

Saturday, 29.12.2007, 13.00-14.00 (Berlin time)

Many people out there are eager to get Mac OS X running on their real machines using dirty hacks in the kernel. This is a different approach. Basically I modified qemu to an extent, that it resembles a Macbook well enough for Mac OS X to run on it - without modifications. The workshop will be used to publish a first alpha version of the source code and have everyone in the room get it running themselves. Please also see the Project Page.

To try it out yourself, please bring with you:

  • An Intel-based Apple computer with Mac OS X and Linux installed. We will need Linux to run Qemu and the Mac OS X as target OS we want to run. You could as well bring a USB-disk with an installed version of OSX. This also works on a non-Apple computer, but is illegal according to the EULA so I will not support it.
  • Gcc3.3 and the SDL-devel packages installed on Linux. This is needed to build Qemu (please try to build the current CVS version before showing up).
  • The secret decryption keys (search on google for 'OSK0 OSK1')

If you have any questions related to this workshop or are unsure if your configuration works, just contact me

PSP Hacking and Development Workshop

Sunday 30.12.2007 / 18:30-19:30

A short workshop after the presentation for anybody interested in knowing more about the PSP for hacking or development purposes. Demonstration of development tools and software needed to make your own applications and how to disassemble the firmware to find out aspects not yet documented. Will also bring along a Pandora setup for anyone interested.

PSP Cracking Midnight Gather

Friday, 28.12.2007 (DAY-2), 23:59-26:00

Gathering for PSP hackers, crackers and/or anyone who are interested in playing with PSP. Discussions about other consoles are also welcome. Topics are hardware hacks, exploits, firmware analysis, homebrew development, embedded processers, game cheating, braking into proprietary systems, how to crack game console security, just sit and play a game, and etc.. We have Pandora battery but you need some softwares. No warez please.

wikileaks - a place for journalists, truth tellers and everybody else

Saturday, 29.12.2007, 21:30-23:00 (Berlin time)

Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. Our primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to people of all regions who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations. We aim for maximum political impact.

This talk will cover the following bases:

  • What is Wikileaks?
  • Sources, Analysts and the Media
  • Technical issues
  • Why you should get involved in Wikileaks!

Wikileaks leads have repeatedly broken front page stories. Stories about these leads have appeared in the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Die Welt and Der Spiegel.


Capture the Flag

  • Where:?
  • When?
  • Contact?

BlinkenSister LevelContest

Create some levels for the retro-jump'n'run game and win a T-Shirt!

See also BlinkenSisters

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