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About EuRo


Q: Why "EuRo", do you have an affinity to money?
A: Who has not *g*? it's just the first two characters of my name: EU-stergerling RO-lf

Q: You'll talk about data retention, do you have something to hide?
A: No. I don't want to be monitored BECAUSE I have nothing to hide.
   When I'm really suspicious (more than anybody else who visits C3)
   then let them do what is neccessary.

Q: Where does this special interest come from?
A: I've been a policeman in Germany during the 70ies,
   when we had REAL terrorism called RAF
   (which had nothing to do with the british Royal Air Force...).
   Real means we had victims - dead victims, and
   we had real people with real goals.
   That was really dangerous.
   Today we live with a "Phantom Menace".
   During this time I learned all about civil rights,
   human rights and rights at all. We have to fight for it,
   but not against a phantom but against those who abuse the power.

Q: What are you doing today?
A: I administer server systems somewhere in Germany.

Q: Your WEB-presence?
A: It's a German site named

Q: Thank you.
A: You're welcome.
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