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Reading the info in this section should get you the idea of what you can do at fhb and what would be the right place for it within our village. Please note that the info is covering mostly the basis and there is highly likely to be more equipment around than mentioned here. However things which are listed should be there.

Experimental Kitchen

Fhb kitchen 3d model proposal faa27062015.png

The experimental kitchen serves as the main food&drink preparing place. Since 7:00 till 20:00 it is being used under the shift system to provide food for fhb village and tasters for the presentation area. If you want to do anything within the time mentioned above please talk to the shift coordinator because we need to coordinate, for more info please check Food&Drink section (you can also just pop in but can not guarantee space at that moment). FHB will provide basic ingredients to the kitchen, also some more exotic ones, our list of equipment and ingredients is here. If you would like to join us, use the kitchen etc. try to avoid bringing standard ingredients with you, rather chip in donation before the event or at the spot, it would be more efficient because there is no point in having five small packages of Tabasco etc. on the spot ... After 20:00 or so our kitchen will be much more open to the public for food preparation

List of facilities&equipment

  • community prep desk (1x - 2.5x1.25 m)
  • cooking benches (2x 2.5x1.25 m), one with two stoves
  • washing area with sink
  • fridge
  • shelving system (1x 2.5 m long, 2 m high, 40 cm deep)
  • shelving system (2x 1.25 m long, 2 m high, 40 cm deep)
  • 5x5 m of hard floor (highly likely)

For detailed list of equipment please check our wish list.

Workshop Venue I.

Workshop Venue II.


3d model fhb ccc camp 2015 workshop venue II biolab faa27062015.jpg

This "department" is our new baby. At the moment the people who know most about it are Yurtman and Janclod, representing DIYbio Groningen. If you are interested in using this venue please coordinate with them.

Washing Area

Experimental Bench