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Contact, DECT: IJON
Description The c-base will provide a crew kitchen for all Villages BER, HOAP and c-base, including all Subvillages. The kitchen will run on volunteers and donations. You can eat here, even if you don't belong to any of the above villages - no warranty that there will be food left for you, though.
Members Alexdee, Grmpf
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Subvillage of Village:C-base
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Needs power 3) Village with up to 60 citizens (32A CEE 400V)
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Village plans ... run a kitchen for our citizens
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crew kitchen

The c-base will provide a crew kitchen for all Villages BER, HOAP and c-base, including all Subvillages. The kitchen will run on volunteers and donations. Nobody should work in the kitchen through the whole camp, we want to make sure that everybody can enjoy camp. Because of this, we will have a different chef for every day.

Each meal needs between 3 and 8 volunteers helping in the preparations and the cooking. Dont worry, you cant do anything wrong - the professional chef will tell you exactly what to do and will take responsability for your fuckups.

We expect that this kitchen starts operations on the 8th of August, latest on the 9th of August. We will continue to provide three meals a day up to the 18th. The kitchen will be dismantled on the 19th. The last meal is either the Dinner on the 18th, or the Breakfast on the 19th of August.

The kitchen is a professional kitchen. Therefore, access is limited to the Volunteers and the Chef of the Day. We can not host any individual cooking. The equipment that we will have is professional equipment and needs briefing and instructions, before it can be operated. Still, some people mentioned the idea of doing fancy Desserts. Experimental prepration of sweets, snacks and desserts can happen between 10:00pm and 07:00am. Please talk to us if you (for example) want to prepare 100kg of Tiramisu or bake Cookies for all of us. We can accomodate these personal experiments in the night, but you need to make sure that the kitchen is clean latest at 07:00am in the morning.

Remember, that this kitchen is mainly intended for the financially limited. If you can afford to eat from the different vendors on the Marketplace, then please do so! We dont want to take away revenue from the camp, we just want to provide an affordable way of aquiring healthy and hearty food for all poor people in our crew.


The kitchen will provide three meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We will cater the needs of carnivores, so we will serve meat. Most days, we will also provide a vegetarian option, but we do not guarantee this. There will be enough other kitchens, that are completly vegan or vegetarian.

All times are just rough estimates. The food is ready, when it is ready.


Breakfast will be served between 09:00am and 11:00am. Maybe Coffee and Buns will be available later, but dont count on this. This meal consists of Coffee, Tea, Fresh Bread or Buns, Cold Cuts, Cheese and different types of Jams. Maybe also scrambled egg - depending on the kitchen crew of the day.


Lunch will be served between 1pm and 3pm. We will try to cook a light meal that is easy to digest during the day to give you maximum energy for the day and minimize food-coma.


Dinner will be served between 07:00pm and 09:00pm We will try to cook a hearty, hefty meal with lots of meat and fat and other good things, that make a good, strong meal.

how to eat

This kitchen is run on volunteers - if you want to eat at this kitchen, we expect you to commit to one shift (one meal). This shift will be between 2h and 4h in duration. If you want to frequent our kitchen, please note that you only get food there, if you have a wristband. You will get a wristband at the cecretariat, when you registered for your kitchen shift. We also expect these things:

* Donate what you think its worth, minimum the costs of the materials for your meal
* Do at least one volunteer shift in the kitchen
* Bring your own Cutlery and Tableware / Plate and wash it yourself. We advise that you bring at least these items:
 * Dinner Plate
 * Soup Plate
 * Cup
 * Knife, Spoon, Fork

are you a chef?

If you think you can cook up to 300 portions per meal and if you are willing to cook meat, then please contact We need more Chefs, that take the lead of the volunteers, to form awesome teams. You only need to commit to one day - We want you to have enough time on camp to enjoy it. You dont even need to be creative - we have a list of possible meals, that can be cooked in our kitchen. Just follow the recipe and take the lead of all the volunteers.