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In general we have two to three different types of session at our events. At this camp there are two big lecture tents (currently named A and B) filled with talks curated by the content team. Beside this two main tents, there are also self-orgnized lectures and workshops in some villages and the three hack-center tents.

The traditionally provided static export at only shows sessions from tent A and B. Along the HTML version can also obtain several export formats like PDF, JSON, XML and iCal there.

If you are searching for that calendar, just head to Fahrplan.

If you like to have a full overview over all activities going on during the congress, please visit the Static:Calendar page, where you can find a calendar containing all talks as well as Static:Self-organized Sessions. That calendar is an aggregation of the static Fahrplan export and dynamic information around this wiki.

This time we also plan to provide a combined schedule.json and schedule.xml which contains all "rooms", meaning curated talks in lecture tents A and B and the dynamic sessions in this wiki. URLs to this combined schedules will follow in near future.


Apps for the Fahrplan can be found on the Apps page.