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ConfClerk [1]


Chaos Communication Camp 2015 Fahrplan for iOS [2]

Fahrplan App for your iPhone and iPad is now also available on your Apple Watch for Camp 2015. If you haven't downloaded the app already in the past, grab it here [3].

Chaos Communication Camp for iOS including Apple Watch Support based on the open re-data format can be found in the iTunes Store


Camp Fahrplan 2015 [4][5][6]

Giggity [7]. Available also in [8]


XMPP Notify - XMPP/Email notifier for the Fahrplan

Camp-Web-App for all devices (including apple) based on the open re-data format can be found here. Created at Hackathon RheinMain by AxxG.

Another re-data-based schedule with both talks and workshops:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar will happily accept the ical feed ( ), however it will lack displaying certain details, such as speaker, and a link back to the Fahrplan site for extra info (such as speaker).