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The Radio Operations Center( provides the Camp and Congress with radio (speech) communication.

The radios are used to co-ordinate

  • Buildup
  • Teardown
  • Security
  • NOC
  • VOC
  • CERT
  • Orga

amongst other things.

Radios are used for 1:n communication when it's crucial to have several people listen to the information broadcasted. For all 1:1 communication we use either DECT or GSM.

Why do you need radios if you have the internet?

Radios are a reliable form of 1:n communication. No need to check IRC or mails all the time, or rely on Wifi for connection. Also the radios will work even if GSM, DECT or internet are down (and a good way to communicate on how to fix these).

Why won't you use DECT or GSM?

DECT and GSM are still widely used for organizing the event. However in quite a lot occasions you want 1:n communication rather than 1:1 communication. Especially for reacting to emergencies or broadcasting questions to several people, it's great.

Can I bring my own radio?

No you can not. We are using our radios on licenced frequencies. We can not allow for not licenced radios to be on the same frequencies for legal reasons (that's the reason why you won't find the frequencies used in here).

What kind of radios do you use?

We use Hytera Digital Mobile Radios. They are a little bit on the expensive side, but allow us to use two speech channels on the same frequency as well as some other features of the DMR standard.

Do these radios have hack value?

Of course they do. However we kindly ask you do NOT use your rad1o badge to try to listen in to or disturb our frequencies, since they are crucial for the safety on the camp. We do have equipment to find you, should you transmit on our frequencies. If we do find you, we'll unleash the HonkHase.

But, what if I am interested in how DMR works?

If you are interested in how DMR works, it is best to talk to the Chaoswelle, our ham radio folk.