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Description I want to control some Hardware via rad1o.
Has website
Persons working on Hax404, Igor
Self-organized sessions
Tags rad1o, Hardware, Software
Located at village Village:Chaos West
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The target

I want to control some village-light or other 230V-Thingies via rad1o. So anybody can send signals with the rad1o to my rad1o to Switch some cool Things on or off.


You want to participate? Feel free to edit this page! Lets do discussions right here in wiki!

The Plan

We can control external devices via (at least) two interfaces. Wo can use a GPIO or I2C. I prefere to use I2C because I want to connect other stuff via this interfaces in an other project (RTC, GPS). So I want so get a feeling for I2C at the rad1o.

If I cant get it to work, there are GPIOs as fallback. GPIOs are good enough to trigger a relais, but it's not so cool for me!

Prefered way

 rad1o#1 --air--> rad1o#2 --I2C--> MCP23017 -> Sainsmart-Relais-Board --Schuko--> 230V Foo (light or something)

Plan B

 rad1o#1 --air--> rad1o#2 --GPIO--> Levelshifter -> Sainsmart-Relais-Board --Schuko--> 230V-Foo (light or something)

What to control?

What Where How much cannels?
LED-Fackel Chaos-West/nomis 1
Remote controlled train (Project page) e7p and Mati from Chaos-West/Das Labor multiple - speed, direction, lights

What I can do

I can do the hardware-stuff. I'll soldering the Pins to my rad1o and can connect the Relais/Schuko to them. I'll bring all necessary hardware-stuff.

Where I need help

I'll try to do the coding for controlling i2c|gpio. I'm a good java|python-coder, but I'm not so good in C. But I'll try it and do a lot of try&error. If anybody want to help, you are welcome!

I've never had anything to do with creating a radio-protocoll. If you know how to design a pretty simple protocol to send/receive simple ON-OFF signals, please help me!

New on I2C

If you are new to I2C and want a quick introduction: Listen to Session:128 GPIOs on my RasPI


modificate rad1o-firmware

You can take a look to the "official" firmware of rad1o here: I want to fork it right now, because I hope there are cool fatures coming soon to the original firmware. So i'll fork as late as possible.

  1. ...send commands
  2. ...receive commands
  3. ...Trigger i2c|gpio


Soldering rad1o

soldering i2c|gpio-pinns to rad1o#2

connecting hardware

connect Hardware to i2c|gpio

have fun!