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Together? We are better!

Ride Sharing

Do you have some free space in your car that you'd like to provide to other hackers traveling to the camp, or do you need transport to camp yourself? Leave an entry below!


Who? From / To Date of arrival Date of departure Free seats Free space for goods Contact information Further comments Direction (from/to/both)
nd Aachen - 19-20. 2 a lot Dect 6363 date of departure up for debate back only
Braam Amsterdam - 18.8. 2 ? Area of Tor9 near Milliways - back only
User:Ben Berlin Lichtenberg 11 Aug 2015 4 to 5 p.m. / now all gone ;) PKW Mail: ... Will start at about 4p.m. ENG, D, ES To
Michael Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 13 Aug 2015 6-8 a.m. 17 Aug 2015 6-8 p.m. 2 seats 1 seat reserved for luggage Mail: cccdriver@slice-reality.de It's a small car so I only offer 2 seats. The extra seat is for hitchhiker luggage. Days are fixed, but times are a rough guess. Both
User:Puddy Nuernberg 12 Aug 2015 17 Aug 2015 (evening) 2 PKW Mail: [1] // Jabber: puddy@phcn.de Two friendly guys in a rental car. Depending on what kind of car we get we have room for 1 or 2 hitchhikers Both
Wolfgang Erlangen/Nuernberg 12 Aug 2015 2-3 PKW Mail: ccccamp2015 aet azog punckt de Space for luggage may be limited To
Uwe Jena 12 Aug 2015 17 Aug 2015 3-4 PKW Mail: cccamp2015@posteo.de I'll be on vacation till Aug. 10th, so most likely there will be no e-mail replies till then. Sorry. Both
StainBase Winnenden 12 Aug 2015 17 Aug 2015 1 PKW (smart fortwo) Jabber: StainBase@jabber.ulm.ccc.de Limited luggage space. Preferrably with drivers license / swap seats half-way. Both
User:Jriede Bremen / Braunschweig 08 (09?) Aug 2015 no idea yet 2-3 PKW (Skoda Fabia Kombi) Mail: julia.riede@gmail.com // Twitter: @juleriede Going from Wesermarsch via Bremen and Braunschweig. Route is flexible. Also some extra km are possible - contact me and we'll find a way to pick you up. to
xpac Berlin 10 Aug 1-2 PKW (Mercedes C220T) Mail: bjoern -at- areafunky.net // Twitter: @xpac // Threema: 98BCRRRZ Starting from Berlin Hbf (central station). My car's cargo department might be rather full, so passenger capacity depends on your luggage. Just contact me, we'll figure something out. to
xpac Bottrop/Ruhrgebiet 17 / 18 Aug 1-2 PKW (Mercedes C220T) Mail: bjoern -at- areafunky.net // Twitter: @xpac // Threema: 98BCRRRZ From camp to the Ruhr area. My car's cargo department might be rather full, so passenger capacity depends on your luggage. Exact departure date not fixed yet. Just contact me, we'll figure something out. to
BugBlue Echteld - Ede - Arnhem - Osnabrueck - Bad Oyenhausen - Hannover - Berlin - ... 8 Aug 18 Aug 1 PKW Mail: ccc at leercoden.nl // Twittar bugblauw Don't bring too much please ; place for 1 bike. Both
User:oTTer Frankfurt am Main 11 Aug 18 Aug 0 PKW (Ford Mondeo) otter-chief at gmx.de Not the biggest trunk but still some space for equipment. Both
User:dg1vs Ingolstadt 12 Aug 1 PKW (Audi A4) karsten punkt schmidt at gmx.de Don't bring too much please only oneway
User:Trurl Hamburg 11 Aug, 14:30 18 Aug, 08:00 0 Slow vehicle <mailto:trurl@hamburg.ccc.de><xmpp:trurl@jabber.eth23.net> Standard Both
somebody from Village:Neighbourhood_Nerds Karlsruhe 17 Aug at around 12 am 1 PKW niklas974@jabber.ccc.de, niklas in Village Neighbourhood Nerds back
User:xerael Munich / München 12 Aug 2015 Midday 17 / 18 Aug 2015 1 Small Car, so keep it compact Mail: snowdragon92+ccc@gmail.com Eventphone: p00p (7007) Vehicle is not air conditioned both
Waynix Tübingen, Stuttgart 12 17. 1 VW Golf Kombi Mietwagen TEL: 015153973417 Both
fryta berlin 13 Aug 2015 9-10 am 18/19 Aug 2015 4 LKW slow bus fryta@jabber.org / fryta at riseup dot net best to get in touch asap, need to leave quite early Both
dickshaydle Potsdam over Berlin 13 Aug 2015 6-9 p.m. 17/18 Aug 2015 4 PKW (Kombi) 0173 80 five 40 25 Both
User:c-mon Camp -> Stuttgart - 18..08.2015 around 11:00 1 PKW(Audi A6), space for some luggage DECT 5010 Just get in touch, if you want to get somewhere between camp and Stuttgart From Camp to Stuttgart
User:txt.file Camp -> Leipzig -> Chemnitz - 18.08.2015 2 PKW (BMW Kombi) DECT 8981 / mobile 004917693229337 call me on DECT from
User:VIA Berlin - 17.08.2015 3-4 PKW Van DECT 7974 19:00 Gate4 call me on DECT from Camp to Berlin


Who? From / To Desired date of arrival Desired date of departure Number of persons Amount of luggage Contact information Further comments Direction (from/to/both)
User:Mxn anywhere NRW (final destination Aachen) - 17. or 18. 1 Big hardcase suitcase camp@mheistermann.de, jabber mxn at jabber.ccc.de, at #10111 village Will pay money for gas back
User:TolleNW Hamburg already there ;) 17th (best after closing talk) 1 Backpack/Camping Gear/larger Box (approx. 80x40x40 each) ccc15@tolleneuewelt.de or 8808 Need to be back to work on monday. I can give you a hand for tear-down if needed and pay for gas. back
User:Beltrandroid Berlin 11th/12th/13th/ 18th/19th 1 Backpack&Suitcase manuel.beltran@interfaculty.nl I'll bring stickers, aluminium foil and club-mate. My hardware supports cryptofacial communication for the ride. Both
User:hpfmn Berlin 11 Aug 18/19 Aug 2 Backpack&Suitcase camp2015@johanneswegener.de blubb Both
Langlais115 Berlin / TXL 12 Aug (if possible) or 13 Aug otherwise 17 Aug at Berlin TXL <= Not later than 20H00 1 Backpack & Suitcase letssoftwareguard-CCC2015 ##AT## yahoo.com My planes time table: 12/08 20h35
17/08 21H10
User:VITAS Hamburg 8-12 Aug 2015 17-19 Aug (not earlier than closing talk) 1 Backpack & Suitcase camp2015travel.v@52k.de Im felxible but would like to help with the build up. Both
joepie91 Dordrecht, Netherlands 9-12 Aug 2015 19-22 Aug 2015 1 Hiking backpack, tent, air mat, laptop, food E-mail: admin@cryto.net
XMPP: joepie91@neko.im
Not sure yet whether I'll be going; depends on financials. Both
User:Igor Berlin HBF 12 Aug start >= 19oo Uhr 18 Aug arrive <= 12oo Uhr 1 Hiking backpack + small suitcase Post it here: User_talk:Igor Both
User:Emery Berlin 12~13 Aug 17~18 Aug 1 backpack emery@vfemail.net I'm flexible on the time and dates Both
User:ralphtheninja Berlin 12 Aug I'm aiming to get to camp sometime in the afternoon 18 Aug 1 backpack, tent, laptop ralphtheninja@riseup.net Both
User:sonni Hamburg 13 Aug I'm ready to start as of 16 p.m. 1 backpack ccc@fickinger.org from HH to Camp
User:ManofWax Berlin HBF/TXL 13 Aug Around 10 a.m 17 Aug 1 Hiking backpack + small backpack undicizeri@gmail.com Both
User:Zufanka Amsterdam or somewhere on the way 13 Aug 1 Backpack & Bag with a tent ada@soit.sk To
User:Tenyen Camp-> Warsaw or Krakow, and anywhere inbetween Flexible and open to offers 1 Large rucksack, two small bags and ideally a bicycle? tenyen tenyen net More information on my user page From
User:Franksemi Berlin Main Station or Flughafen Berlin-Tegel 9 Aug 1 1 Large Backpack + 1 Small Backpack franksemi@labitat.dk I will be in Berlin TXL around 20:00 - 20:30, or the Main Station a bit later To
User:Tazz Berlin / TXL 8 Aug 2015 19-22 Aug 2015 1 Hiking backpack, laptop E-mail: gaurav+hitch AT chaturvedi.me Both
sfera Raum Düsseldorf/Dortmund, Münster 11-12 Aug 2015 18-22 Aug 2015 1 60l backpack, tent, sleeping bag (everything fits in the backpack!) E-mail: daniel.e at posteo dot de Jabber: 199461084 at jabber dot ccc dot de Both
alankarmisra Berlin 13 Aug 2015 19-22 Aug 2015 1 Backpack, tent, sleeping bag E-mail: alankarmisra at gmail dot com Both
D_icon Dresden 11-12 Aug 2015 N.A. 1 1 backpack (with sleeping bag and tent strapped on), 1 Laptop-bag Mail: raphael@wildsmile.de Flexible on arrival at camp, earlier preferred to
datenwolf Lübeck/Hamburg 11. - 12. Aug 2015 N/A 1 1 backpack, 1 suitcase Mail: cccevent+camp2015@datenwolf.net Twitter: @datenwolf I've got some PhD research business in Lübeck the days before the camp, but I can also go the HH first To
secretguy Berlin Main Station 11 Aug 2015 > 11.30 h 19 Aug 2015 morning 1 1 backpack (with sleeping bag and tent strapped on), 1 daypack, 1 photobag & tripod Mail: SecretGuyAtCamp(at)posteo(dot)de Hobby photographer. Be ease. I'm only interested in great "Hardware-Pictures", not persons, ;-) Both
Otter Berlin Tegel or Train station 12 Aug 2015 15:00-> 17 Aug 2015 (flight leaves 14:00) 1 Backpack + Duffel bag Otter @ IRC , otter (a) iki(.)fi, Twitter: @msaukko Companions for train trip also welcome :) Both
tdruiva Berlin 11 Aug 17 or 18 Aug 0 Backpack (50L) + small backpack Mail: tdruiva at riseup dot net Twitter: tdruiva Flexible with time but companions for train trip is also welcome :3 Both
ksenya Berlin 12 Aug 17 or morning the18 Aug 0 Small suitcase (50L) + bag Mail: Threema A5MFSPj4 Twitter: j32804 Both
dmaphy Hamburg 12. Abends oder 13. 17. 1 1 backpack, 1 isomatte, 1 sleeping bag, 1 small tent E-Mail: dmaphy@googlemail.com Would be nice if someone can pick me up :) Both
chrysh Berlin - 16. late in the evening (the later, the better) 1 backpack and one bag E-Mail: chrysh.ng+camp15@gmail.com back
4FingerBob Hamburg - 15. (Sat) 1 backpack and one bag E-Mail: illumination@lumidium.org back from camp
Vks Frankfurt am Main - 16. (Sun) 1 backpack, one bag E-Mail: Vinzent.Steinberg+camp15@gmail.com, DECT: 2121 Need to be back for work on Monday, will pay for gas. back from camp
radicalentropy Berlin Central (near HBF) - 17 (Mon) OR 18 (Tuesday EARLY) 1 backpack E-Mail: radical.entropy@noflag.org.uk, DECT: 6551, 6552 Have train Tuesday am. Am good company with at least 1x interesting anecdote. Would like to couch surf if leaving Monday pm.
mrpi Hamburg or Berlin - 17th Aug. (Need to be in hamburg at 1800) 1 2 Backpacks (1big, 1normal) E-Mail: camp2015@mr-pi.de\\DECT: 5689 I need to be in hamburg at 1800
User:cosys Around Düsseldorf or at least Berlin - 16. (Sun) 1 backpack, tent, bag E-Mail: cosys@posteo.(de) will pay for gas back from camp
Dante Berlin Already here Monday 17th, around 12PM 1 backpack twitter or facebook - From camp to Berlin
User:Mdik To Rostock Already here Monday 17th, whenever 1 backpack 9493 or malteæenteig.net - From camp to Rostock
User:Jasper (Dect 5777) Gransee or Berlin station (need to get to Schönefeld Flughafen) Already here Tues 18th, need to be at Gransee for 9:24 am train 1 1 bigish bag jasper@pointless.net or Dect 5777 or txt +447870 238966, DECT preferred. - from camp to Gransee station or Berlin hbhf
User:mad To Berlin Already here Monday 17th, whenever 1 backpack 6231 or mad on IRC - From camp to Rostock

Group Travel

For taking advantage of group discounts (rail, ferry, teleportation) etc and "rail cards" etc . . .

I found this facebook page for Sharing tickets in The Netherlands.

Who? From / To Dates Further Information
User:Tenyen Camp-> Poland-> London Flexible! staying as long as possible at camp. Looking to travel as cheaply, sustainably and interestingly as possible, ideally taking my bike on trains. More information on my proposed route on my user page