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Ultimate is a game played by two teams with a disc (aka Fris-bee). In the workshop you will learn the basic rules and spirit of ultimate, different ways to throw the disc and we will try to play a match.
Organizer 9R
Contact 5454, camp2011@9-r.net
DateTime Day 5 / Aug 14 @ 13:00
Duration 1h
End 2011-08-14 13:00
Location We will meet at the Fairy Dust Roket in front of the main two shelters

After the participants of the workshop on Saturday where pretty stoked we decided to have another match on Sunday on the taxi runway in the south-east corner of the camp. Newcomers welcome.

If you are not sure where we will meet and want to participate, meet up with 9R at Fpletz Village a couple of minutes before 13:00.

Useful things to bring to the workshop:

  • Foot ware running around / sport activity
  • If available please bring a light and/or a dark shirt. This way you can dress in a similar color to your team mates during the match.
  • I will bring a couple of discs do the workshop, but if you brought a frizbee to the camp please bring it to the workshop.
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