Stm32 programming for dummies

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Stm32 programming for dummies
We will programm a stm32 in C, show you the toolchain and debugger and make same basic expiriments with leds an shift registers
Organizer User:MarkusBec
Contact 5005
DateTime Day 1 / Aug 10 @ 12:00
Duration 2:00
End 2011-08-10 14:00
Location Mzwi


What we will do

Programming a stm32 over jtag and debug it. The stm32 is hardware compatible to arduino shields. There is a ft2232 bast jtag interface onboard to connect the stm32 board via usb to the eclipse ide so we can easily program the stm32 and debug the code at runtime.

The basic experiment we will do:

  • blinking some LEDs
  • control led by a switch
  • do some math on the stm32
  • Control A shift register via bitbanging

What we need from you

  • You with you laptop and a pre installed virtualbox loader (i will give you an image of an preinstalled linux with eclipse toolchand and openocd)
  • FUN!!!!!!!!111111
  • Basic knowledge of C ( simply you have to know how to use the If statment in c ;) extremly basics)


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