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Softice Server is up and running, first batch was vanilla, right now you can get chocolate.


We should WILL!!! definitely have some at the camp!

So lets buy a softice-machine - crowdfunding-style.

How much are we talking about?

The machine would be approximately 300 Euro (or 400/500 Euro - depends on the machines, that are on sale ;) )

Add some 50 to 100 Euro for ingredients, and we're good to give away some ice-cream :)

The machine is exactly 500 Euro, some more money for ingredients (99,58 Euro for the IceCream, 41,80 for the waffels).


Please send your money to:

 * PayPal (
 * Banktransfer (Martin Gross, Account: 9362435, BLZ: 70070024)
 * Cash (come see me at the fpletzvillage or call NERD (6373) on the DECT-network)
Who? How much? Method Comments
Martin 25,00 ?
kiu 25,00 cash paid 04.08.11 via Twitter
martl 25,00 banktransfer paid 19.05.11 - via Facebook
wiedi 25,00 banktransfer paid 19.05.11
bluemaex 25,00 banktransfer paid 25.05.11
drscream 24,17 (25,00) paypal paid 20.05.11
danrl 10,00 banktransfer paid 04.07.11

Frubar was so nice to advance 400 Euro to buy the machine. Thanks - you guys rock!

Please continue to donate money, so we can pay them back!

Teh Future

In "teh future", the machine will be avaible for rent for chaos-events. Just contact someone from CCC Munich.

The Earth
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